Sweet Potato Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Table

There are certain items that must be present on every Thanksgiving table. A turkey. Cranberries. Mashed potatoes. Brussels sprouts. Gravy. And sweet potatoes or yams – those luscious, brilliant orange spuds that are so versatile, so delicious, and so packed with beta carotene. Traditionally baked into casseroles and topped with mini marshmallows, there are in fact a ton of things you can do with a humble sweet potato. Choose the darker fleshed varieties – often labeled yams – at the grocery store for the biggest nutritional bang for your buck.

  • Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts on Wilted Greens 1 of 11
    Here are your sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, all in one dish! And dressed with maple syrup!
    Sophistimom has the recipe!
  • Caramelized Sweet Potato Wedges 2 of 11
    Everyone will adore these sweet potato wedges - made even sweeter with orange juice and brown sugar. Photo: Martha Stewart Living
    Martha Stewart has the recipe!
  • Sweet Potato Tart with California Walnut Crust 3 of 11
    A savory tart made with sweet potatoes, thyme, cream and parmesan cheese, this is ideal served in slices before, or alongside, the big feast.
    Walnutinfo has the recipe!
  • Maple Spiced Glazed Sweet Potatoes 4 of 11
    Most sweet potato recipes contain gobs of sticky sweet marshmallows, brown sugar and butter; in this version, a light spice accent brings these gorgeous, healthy, naturally sweet sweet potatoes to life.
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Maple Whipped Sweet Potatoes 5 of 11
    Sweet potatoes are perfect for mashing - or whipping - especially when gilded with maple syrup! Photo: Martha Stewart Living
    Martha Stewart has the recipe!
  • Sweet Potato Biscuits 6 of 11
    A great addition to your bread basket, sweet potato biscuits are simple to make - easier than buns made from scratch - with the added flavour of sweet potatoes.
    Canolainfo has the recipe!
  • Toasted Everything Sweet Potatoes 7 of 11
    What's in a name? Toasted Everything. I can't resist. http://www.cheekykitchen.com/2011/11/toasted-everything-sweet-potatoes.html
  • Sweet Potato Casserole 8 of 11
    Some families can't be without the traditional sweet potato casserole with marshmallow topping - here it is! Photo: Martha Stewart Living
    Martha Stewart has the recipe!
  • Sweet Potato Soup 9 of 11
    Who says they have to be a side? Put your sweet potatoes into soup instead!
    Cheeky Kitchen has the recipe!
  • Butter Pecan Sweet Potatoes 10 of 11
    Butter! Pecans! Sweet potatoes! It doesn't get much better in a bowl. Photo: Martha Stewart Living
    Martha Stewart has the recipe!
  • Maple Roasted Vegetables with Sweet Potatoes 11 of 11
    Oven roasted vegetables make a perfect side dish - the high heat caramelizes them, adding flavour. Use any sturdy winter veg you like - sweet potatoes are perfect candidates!
    Canolainfo has the recipe!

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