Ted Williams, The Homeless Man with a Golden Voice, Inspires Help for the Hungry

It’s all over the news today and rightly so.  The story of Ted Williams, the homeless Columbus, Ohio man, who stood at the corner of I-71 and Hudson Street, is inspiring, uplifting and comes complete with a humble hero.  The hero in this story is a man two years sober from drugs and alcohol who has become an Internet sensation.  His voice, one honed throughout years of schooling and experience, has been discovered by America this week as a smooth, golden voice.  One fit for radio announcement, audio books and perhaps even as the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  But certainly not for the corner of a busy intersection.

While watching his story today (scroll down to see the video that started it all), I thought about the hundreds of homeless men and women I’ve driven past with signs in their hands.  Sometimes I’ll read those signs. Mostly I won’t.  I keep eyes down and drive right past.  I’ve heard the warnings from civic leaders and government officials.  Giving money to the streetside beggars is rarely money well spent, they say.  It goes towards drugs or alcohol most of the time, I’ve been told.  Yet, today, in watching videos of Ted Williams, marveling at his humility, his gentleness, his genuine desire to turn his life around, I realize I’ve been wrong to turn away the homeless and hungry faces that meet me from time to time on the streets.

So today, in honor of Ted Williams inspiring story, I decided to change my ways.  I want to take care of those who need help, not turn them away with an embarrassed glance in the other direction.  Using the Feeding America charity network, I’ve donated some of our family budget to a worthy cause.

Feeding America has dedicated hundreds of hours and dollars to helping people.  People like The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice, who have fallen on hard times and need help to rebound.  How grateful I am to Ted Williams for bringing our family in touch with this worthy charity.

If you have been inspired by Ted Williams modern-day fairy tale, perhaps you too will be inspired to give to others who, like him, may be looking for a way out of an old life and into a newer, better one.  If so, I hope you’ll consider donating to a well-established charity like Feeding America that offers assistance to the homeless and the hungry.  I’m a big believer in a doing a good turn.  And if Ted Williams story can bring about goodness for him and hundreds of other needy Americans, then I’d have to agree … that is a man with a golden voice.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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