Teresa Scalan: Celebrating Americas New Sweetheart

Turns out, raising your kids on a cornfed diet won’t just make them all-American, it may just make them Miss America.  Such was the case tonight when petite 17-year-old Nebraskan, Teresa Scalan wowed her way to the title of Miss America.  With a stunning piano solo, as well as a bold statement on Wikileaks website security (read her answer to the judges question below), Scanlan took home the $50,000 scholarship prize, as well as the title of Miss America 2011.

For all the guff the Miss American pageant has taken over the years, there is something genuinely sweet about seeing a good, American girl take home the prize.  Teresa exuded girl-next-door spirit, with an undeniable smartness, genuine nature, and ambitious drive.  She’s the sort of girl I hope my own children desire to become.  Watching the show tonight made me think, you know, America is a dang fine place to live.  Time and time again, our people put out remarkable youth, with such promise.  In response, I shall gather my daughters in the kitchen tomorrow, make All-American Sweetheart Strawberries (recipe below), and grill them on a few important questions.  You never know.  One day, they might just find their way to the Miss America stage.  And, I want them to be prepared to stand tall as smart, well-studied leaders.  Of course, as fun as it might be to be crowned Miss America, I’ll be content with kids that are proud to be American.  A trait Teresa Scalan portrayed beautifully tonight.  Congrats, Nebraska.  You have yourself a winner.

All-American Sweetheart Strawberries

  • 1 cup white chocolate chips
  • 1/4 cup mini M&M’s (red and blue)
  • 12-15 strawberries, cleaned and dried

Place the strawberries into a microwave-safe dish.  Microwave on high for 45 seconds.  Stir the chips until melty.  Microwave an additional 20-30 seconds, if needed. 

Dip the strawberries into the white chocolate.  Working quickly, press a few red and blue mini M&M’s into the white chocolate.  Transfer to a piece of parchment paper and allow to harden in a cool, dry place.  Enjoy!

One Sweet Reponse

Miss Scalan’s answer to her interview question on the topic of Wikileaks Security:
“You know when it came to that situation, it was actually based on espionage, and when it comes to the security of our nation, we have to focus on security first and then people’s right to know, because it’s so important that everybody who’s in our borders is safe and so we can’t let things like that happen, and they must be handled properly.”

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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