3 Great Chicken Dinner Recipes

At the age of 36 and a mother of three, the seemingly healthy Sally Bee suffered three heart attacks in the space of one week.

Doctors didn’t think she’d be able to pull through, but she did, and ever since, she’s been on a campaign to keep herself and her family as healthy as possible.

As she says: “Having survived the unsurvivable, my future health became very important to me. I realized that I was the only person who could control how long I was to be around. Food and exercise became my savior:I knew I had to take control of everything I ate in order to give myself the best chance of survival. [And] at the same time, I had three hungry cherubs at home, and I was determined that they should grow up with a great relationship with food, as I had.”

Here are three great chicken dishes from Sally’s new book, The Secret Ingredient, in which she tells her story and shares her heart-healthy recipes. Enjoy!

  • Chicken Burgers

    With no added fat, these are healthy burgers to tempt your tastebuds. They’re also salt-free, proving that you don’t always need to use salt or fat to add flavor to a dish – herbs and spices work just as well and are better for you.

    Note: You could always make these into mini meatballs instead and serve with a green salad if you don’t want to have bread with them.

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  • Chicken Casserole

    This dish is easy-peasy but so delicious my family demands it at least once a week. It’s simple enough to have mid-week without too much fuss, with a good helping of brown or basmati rice and lots of green vegetables (I love it with steamed asparagus).

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  • Thai Chicken Stir Fry

    Oriental fast food! This recipe takes 10 minutes from start to finish and is delicious. I sometimes cook it in advance and eat it cold as a packed lunch. This makes a lovely light dish without the carbohydrate. If you want to fill it out more, serve with boiled rice or egg noodles.

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Article Posted 8 years Ago

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