Thanksgiving Turkey Caketastrophies

Halloween is so much fun, why quit cold turkey? Here’s ten Thanksgiving turkey’s that decided to prolong the season of costumes and disguises, masquerading themselves as everything from the naughty to the nice to the mostly inedible. And then there’s the turkey that looks like a five-fingered sun. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Get your gobble on with these 10 Thanksgiving Turkey cake fails that will have you giggling all the way to Black Friday.

  • Good Gracious 1 of 10
    Good Gracious
    Harold, I told you to remove the giblets before decorating the cake.
    Via Food Network Humor.
  • Gobbledy Gook 2 of 10
    Gobbledy Gook
    Tinker the Turkey was always chosen last for the cake eating contest. He just couldn't for the life of him understand why.
    Via Create-Celebrate-Explore.
  • Generous Gifts of the Season 3 of 10
    Generous Gifts of the Season
    Mom wondered why everyone said her turkey was a real stud.
    Via Epic Fail.
  • Relaxative, Everyone 4 of 10
    Relaxative, Everyone
    Ever try baking a cake with prune juice? Yeah. Don't.
    Via Fail Fun.
  • Whoooo Arrrre Yoooou? 5 of 10
    Whoooo Arrrre Yoooou?
    Sometimes I just feel like my dessert is yelling at me.
    Click for the recipe from Fail Blog.
  • Waiting for the Words 6 of 10
    Waiting for the Words
    One little, two little, three turkey fingers…
    Via Outside the Interzone.
  • Beheaded by Not Behearted 7 of 10
    Beheaded by Not Behearted
    Sometimes you forget the head of your turkey. Sometimes a icing helps you erase your forgetfulness. Yeah, only sometimes.
    Via Sargent House.
  • Rainbow Flight 8 of 10
    Rainbow Flight
    Then there was the day when Chicken Little realized the sky wasn't falling. He was just growing turkey feathers. This made him very angry. Obvs.
    Via Cute-N-Tiny.
  • Run! Turkey! Run! 9 of 10
    Run! Turkey! Run!
    Wild Turkey's Can't Be Broken.
    Via Cake Picture Gallery.
  • Overstuffed 10 of 10
    The meat thermometer got a little entangled in all the caramel stuffing.
    Via Cake Picture Gallery.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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