The 10 Best Cranberry Sauce Recipes Ever

So, are you ready yet? Is the cornbread baked and the green bean casserole ready to go? No worries if it isn’t, there is still plenty of time. Today I am here to give you a few ideas for some great cranberry sauce recipes. I LOVE homemade cranberry sauce, mostly because it tastes a lot like cranberry jam when I make it. There are a ton of great recipes here on Family Kitchen, from one-step sauce to instructions on how to make it in the slow-cooker. These recipes really can’t be beat, so scroll through, pick your favorite and enjoy!

  • Cranberry Sauce with Grapefuit & Rosemary 1 of 11
    This sauce has a delicious citrusy bite with a hint of floral rosemary will be a huge hit at your table.
    Make cranberry sauce with grapefruit and rosemary
  • Ruby Port Cranberry Sauce 2 of 11
    Rich and delicious. this deep red cranberry sauce had a deep flavor that will highlight any turkey dish.
    Make ruby port cranberry sauce
  • Cranberry Concord Grape Sauce 3 of 11
    Cranberry and grapes marry to make the perfect sauce for Thanksgiving, or any time of year!
    Make cranberry concord grape sauce
  • Emeril’s Orange Cranberry Sauce 4 of 11
    Let it to Emeril to make this amazing citrusy sweet cranberry sauce using all fresh ingredients.
    Make orange cranberry sauce
  • Ina Garten’s Cranberry Sauce Recipe 5 of 11
    The Barefoot Contessa's cranberry sauce is near perfect, and so easy to make!
    Make Ina Garten's Cranberry Sauce
  • Cranberry Sauce with 10 Variations 6 of 11
    This simple cranberry sauce can be pimped up any number of ways, here are ten ideas!
    Make cranberry sauce with variations
  • images-4 7 of 11
    Instead of cream cheese, use flavored yogurt to make a delicious cheesecake everyone will love.
    Make blueberry yogurt cheesecake
  • The Easiest Fresh Cranberry Sauce 8 of 11
    Our simplest cranberry sauce recipe, this is delicious and perfect for novice cooks.
    Make Easy Cranberry Sauce
  • Crock-Pot Cranberry Pear Sauce 9 of 11
    Cranberry sauce in the crock pot is a dream come true, save time and add flavor to your Thanksgiving table with this amazing dish!
    Make cranberry pear sauce
  • Cranberry Ginger Sauce 10 of 11
    This delicious cranberry sauce has a bit of sassy spice from the addition of ginger.
    Make cranberry ginger sauce
  • One-Step Cranberry Sauce 11 of 11
    Even novice cranberry sauce makers can easily make this delicious sauce that only takes one step!
    Make one-step cranberry sauce

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