The Best Freezable Meals for National Frozen Food Day

Today we are celebrating National Frozen Food Day. But we are going to celebrate it in our own way by making our own frozen food. Sure, I buy frozen food from time to time, but it is so much easier and better to stock the freezer with lots of homemade goodies.

As you can see below, I’ve picked out some of my favorite freezable meals. The range from everything for breakfast to dinner and even a few snacks. These are great for making in big batches and freezing, or just making in one batch to freeze for later. So, let’s get together and stock your freezer for national frozen food day and, please, do share your favorite food to freeze!

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Image source: Brooke McLay

Easy Coconut Milk Chicken Curry

This simple chicken coconut curry is a classic dish that freezes well and tastes fantastic after reheating! (via Babble)

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Vegetable Lasagna

A terrific freezable vegetarian meal this is a wonderful freezer staple for every family. Freeze it in the pan or in individually wrapped slices. (via Babble)

Image source: Brooke McLay

2-Ingredient Frozen Yogurt Bites

If you’re racking your brain for healthy after-school snacks, you’re in luck. We’ve got one that your kiddos will love! Frozen Yogurt Bites are a brilliant way to get them to eat more fruit, and they’re so easy to make (your kids can even help) (via Babble)

Image source: Angie McGowan

Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin chili is an awesome cold weather food that can be made in large batches. Thaw it in a large pot over low flame and serve with cheese. (via Babble)

Image source: JulieVR

Irish Stew

This classic stew freezes well and can be thawed in less than a day. It is great for entertaining. (via Babble)

Image source: Brooke McLay

Frozen Milk and Cereal Bars

Can’t get enough milk and cereal? Here’s a cool way to enjoy that perfect combo of crunchy-meets-creamy all day long! (via Babble)

Image source: Brooke McLay

Hash Brown Waffles

I’ve got the perfect method for getting evenly crisped hash browns every time! Ditch your frying pan and plug in your waffle iron for incredibly crispy and delicious hash browns the easy way. When you’re all finishing, freeze the leftovers for quick week-night dinners. (via Babble)

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