The 10 Coolest Lunchbox Sandwich Ideas

angry birds

My daughter is going to starting eating lunch at school one day a week this year and I want to keep it fun, healthy and delicious for her. I found a whole bunch of great ideas here on The Family Kitchen and I think I’ll be making a lot of them. There are even some yummy vegan options in here, always good thing to have on hand! I think I’ll start with the sandwiches on the goldfish breads, I know she will get a kick out of them. What is your favorite lunchbox sandwich to pack for your kids?

  • Angry Birds Sandwiches 1 of 10
    Angry Birds Sandwiches
    Angry Birds for lunch? With these tasty sandwiches they can take their favorite game to school.Click for Recipe
  • Egg Salad Sandwich 2 of 10
    Egg Salad Sandwich
    This classic sandwich is packed with protein and is a great vegetarian option for kids.Click for Recipe
  • Goldfish Tuna Salad Sandwiches 3 of 10
    Goldfish Tuna Salad Sandwiches
    What a fun new look for tuna! Lunchtime will go swimmingly with these healthy sammies.Click for Recipe
  • Lego Man Pesto Cheese Sandwiches 4 of 10
    Lego Man Pesto Cheese Sandwiches
    These tasty vegetarian sandwiches are so cute they'll be hard for kids to eat!Click for Recipe
  • Mint Tea Wasabi Sandwiches 5 of 10
    Mint Tea Wasabi Sandwiches
    These healthy sandwiches unique flavors give the lunchbox a sophisticated twist.Click for Recipe
  • Peanut Butter Apple Sandwiches 6 of 10
    Peanut Butter Apple Sandwiches
    Skip the bread and use apple slices instead! These fruit and peanut butter sandwiches are healthy to boot and fun to eat.Click for Recipe
  • Peanut Butter Honey Lego Sandwiches 7 of 10
    Peanut Butter Honey Lego Sandwiches
    Classic peanut butter and honey sammies get a lego-style makeover that kids will get a kick out of!Click for Recipe
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwiches 8 of 10
    Spicy Chicken Sandwiches
    Look no further when you need a hefty lunch, these thick sandwiches are great for sustaining older kids throughout the day!Click for Recipe
  • Pesto Grilled Cheese 9 of 10
    Pesto Grilled Cheese
    When kids are craving cheese and pesto pack them this tasty grilled cheese!Click for Recipe
  • Vegan Pepperjack Paninis! 10 of 10
    Vegan Pepperjack Paninis!
    The ideal vegan sandwich, this is packed with vegetables and protein and is always a crowd pleaser!Click for Recipe

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Send your kid off with a lunch box full of Insanewiches!

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