The 18 Most Luscious Chocolate Cakes & Cupcakes for Winter

18 Most Delicious Chocolate Cakes and Cupcakes

I have to say, I am a huge fan of chocolate cake no matter the occasion. Sometimes I want a simple cake; other times I crave something more extreme, like a cake full of luscious layers of buttercream and jam. Here are some of our favorite cakes and cupcakes that really hit the spot in the winter. I’ve also included cupcakes because, let’s face it, they are equally as important and delicious. They are just mini-cakes! Which one of these would you crave right now?

  • 60 Second Chocolate Cake 1 of 18
    There is nothing like whipping up a quick chocolate cake to satisfy those winter chocolate cravings.
    Make 60 second chocolate cake Photo: Brooke McLay
  • Nutella Stuffed Cupcakes with Sea Salt Buttercream 2 of 18
    How do you improve a chocolate cupcake? Stuffed it with nutella and top it with buttercream!
    Make nutella stuffed cupcakes with sea salt buttercream Photo: Brooke McLay
  • Caramel Covered Chocolate Cake 3 of 18
    This gorgeous chocolate cake is topped with caramel and comes in a delicious individual serving size.
    Make caramel covered chocolate cake Photo: Brooklyn Supper
  • Classic Chocolate on Chocolate Cupcake 4 of 18
    How to please the kid? This classic cupcake is ideal for kids parties, but you'll have to make extra for the adults.
    Make a classic chocolate on chocolate cupcakes Photo: Julie VR
  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Quinoa Cake 5 of 18
    People on gluten-free diets can still enjoy awesome chocolate cake with this tasty, moist quinoa version.
    Make gluten-free chocolate quinoa cake Photo: Julie VR
  • Caramel Filled Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting 6 of 18
    A delicious chocolate cupcake is made better when stuffed with creamy caramel!
    Make caramel filled cupcakes with chocolate frosting Photo: Angie McGowan
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake 7 of 18
    Flourless chocolate cake is denser version of a layer cake and is elegant enough for dressy dinner parties.
    Make flourless chocolate cake Photo: Kelsey Banfield
  • Chocolate Bundt Cake with Creamy Chocolate Glaze 8 of 18
    A rich chocolate cake with a chocolate glaze is absolutely the best chocolate dessert you could ask for on a cold winters evening.
    Make chocolate bundt cake with creamy chocolate glaze Photo: Rachael La Fuji Mama
  • Chocolate Guinness Cake 9 of 18
    A rich chocolate bundt cake is perfect for winter entertaining, it serves a huge crowd!
    Make chocolate guinness cake Photo: Julie VR
  • Hot Chocolate Cupcakes 10 of 18
    Hot chocolate cupcakes are as rich as the drink, only better!
    Make hot chocolate cupcakes Photo: Shaina Olmanson
  • Mexican Chocolate Cake 11 of 18
    This luscious spicy cake is fabulous served with whipped cream of rich vanilla ice cream.
    Make mexican chocolate cake Photo: Kelsey Banfiled
  • Chocolate Whiskey Cake in a Jar 12 of 18
    Mmm, serve up this boozy cake in a jar for a decadent winter treat.
    Make chocolate whiskey cake in a jar Photo: Angie McGowan
  • Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Filling 13 of 18
    There is nothing more delightful in winter than a burst of strawberry flavor. These chocolate cake is the best of both worlds - rich and chocolatey with bright berry flavors!
    Make chocolate cake with strawberry filling Photo: Macki Cayloma
  • One Bowl Chocolate Cake 14 of 18
    Everyone needs a simple one bowl chocolate cake in their repertoire. This cake is just the thing to whip up this winter with your kids!
    Make one bowl chocolate cake Photo: Brooke McLay
  • Vegan Chocolate Cake 15 of 18
    There is no need to skimp on flavor just because you adhere to a vegan diet. This awesome chocolate cake will hit the spot and you won't miss the dairy one bit!
    Make vegan chocolate cake Photo: Brooklyn Supper
  • Vegan Chocolate Pecan Cake 16 of 18
    This delicious chocolate pecan cake is full of rich chocolate flavor with just the right amount of nutty crunch!
    Make vegan chocolate pecan cake Photo: Kathy Patalsky
  • Orange Chocolate Stout Cake 17 of 18
    This delicious stout cake is rich and creamy and is perfect for a winter celebration. The hint of orange gives it a refreshing citrus burst that makes it taste like a chocolate dipped orange peel!
    Make orange chocolate stout cake Photo: Paula Jones
  • Self-Saucing Chocolate Cake 18 of 18
    This nifty cake is perfect for whipping up on a cold winter's night You will love the self-saucing center!
    Make self-saucing chocolate cake Photo: Jaime Richardson
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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