The 15 Worst Holiday Food Gifts Ever

There are so many opportunities to give. And even more opportunities to biff it up. Here are 15 totally horrendous food gifts, from the tacky to the downright tasteless, that should never have been wrapped in the first place. And yet, here they are, in all their gift-giving splendor. From bacon wallets to toilet mugs, the 15 tackiest holiday food gifts that you are hereby forbidden to share with anyone. Even your mother-in-law. Okay. Maybe you can give one of them to your mother-in-law. Just one.

  • Get Fruity 1 of 14
    Fruitcake. So bad, it's almost good.
    Photo from: Nike Musings
  • Oh, no. Oh … yes. 2 of 14
    The Fetus Cookie Cutter. There.are.no.words.
    Photo from My Pointless
  • The Christmas Pot 3 of 14
    Normally we try to avoid potty humor. But, come on! It's a toilet mug. There's no end to the jokes waiting to happen here.
    Photo from Happy Place
  • Clean Up 4 of 14
    It's bacon. It's soap. It's bacon soap. And, yep. It's a real thing.
    Photo from Google
  • I Heart Edward 5 of 14
    No matter how much you love a shirtless werewolf. This is just too much.
    Photo from Total Film
  • Countertop. Counter-intuitive 6 of 14
    A donut maker. A DONUT MAKER?! Yup.
    Photo from Amazon.com
  • Be American and Christmas-y 7 of 14
    Obama chia!
    Photo from Create-Celebrate-Explore
  • Trashy Holiday 8 of 14
    Wanna make Twinkie pie? You can, now that you have your own copy of White Trash Cooking!
    Photo from Hip Moms Who Work
  • Eggscellent. Or Is That, Eggscentric? 9 of 14
    Peter Petrie Egg Separator turns the task of culling yolks from whites into a real drip.
    Photo from href="http://hipmomswhowork.com/2009/12/10/the-worst-christmas-gifts-ever/"> Hip Moms Who Work
  • Sizzle, Sizzle, Cash 10 of 14
    The Bacon Wallet. Sophisticated. Smokey. Sticky. Thanks but no thanks.
    Photo from The Guardian
  • A Bit of Cream, Anyone? 11 of 14
    And will you take that tea dirty, Franz?
    Photo from The Guardian
  • Celebrating Sweaters 12 of 14
    Now you can wear your ugly Christmas sweater and eat it too.
    Photo from Ugly Sweater
  • Eat Your Lunch 13 of 14
    What's worse than an ALF lunchbox for Christmas 2011? Remembering how much you loved that show. Whatever were you thinking?
    Photo from mrssatan.blogspot.com
  • Kleen Your Kitchen 14 of 14
    Who says you don't have time to cook and clean the kitchen, too? Now you do!
    Photo from Tumblr

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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