The 20 Scariest Food Facts


When I read this article on Women’s Health the other week I almost gagged. I can’t believe the things that food producers are allowed to get away with! We all know that food reform is necessary, but this is truly appalling. To start off with, our food is allowed to have packaging defects. Yes, defects as in it can contain moldy components, animal parts or insect eggs. Blech! Don’t believe me? Read on:

1. The FDA allows canned pineapple to contain up to 20% of moldy fruit, ground cinnamon to carry a small portion of animal excrement and more!

2. Nutritious Food Costs 10 Times as Much as Junk Food: We know all about that problem and hope we can work together to resolve it. The worst part is that the cost of heavily processed junk food is so high because of the costs involved with processing and marketing it!

3. Grocers Don’t Have to Tell You Where your Mixed Greens and Dried Fruit Come From: True! Which is why spinach is one of the most common foods associated with e. coli outbreaks.

4. With all the factory farming, fruits and vegetables are losing their nutritious value. The more naturally grown fruit our grandparents noshed on was higher quality both in taste and nutrition.

5. Calorie counts on most food labels aren’t accurate. Despite the standard reporting system most food companies keep their numbers on the unreasonably low side.

6. Chickens are fattier than they were 40 years ago due to massive farming practices. As the animals get fattier so do we.

7. Milk that contains the hormone rBST may contain cancer! Yes, this hormone is given to the animal and then it enters their milk. This hormone has been associated with  prostate, breast and colon cancer.

8. Supermarket peaches can be soaked in up to 9 different pesticides! All to protect from bruising in transit. Buy local, wash well before eating.

9. The trans fat measurements aren’t accurate on food labels. A manufacturer doesn’t have to report trans fats if a food contains less than .49 grams per serving.

10. The number of daily calories available to each person has increased by 500 per day in the past 40 years.

11. Commonly used food dye’s like Yellow #5, Yellow #5 and Red #40 can increase hyperactivity in kids.

12. Nearly 50,000 Americans a year get food poisoning and a lot of us mistake it for the stomach bug!

13. Buying chicken for dinner? Nearly 42% of supermarket chicken is contaminated with bacteria that causes food poisoning.

14. Oysters carry e. coli because of their role in filtering oceans. Buy them from a trusted source or cook them well before you eat them!

15. The USDA allows meat to be cleaned with ammonia and they don’t make companies report that to consumers.

For the last five food facts pop over here to Women’s Health!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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