The 5 Best Snacks For Plane Travel

Snacks on a Plane! There’s a large probability you’ll be boarding an airplane at some point this summer and even though it’s convenient living on 100 calorie snack packs, it isn’t the only way to fly.

And you can’t take just anything on a plane. It has to be easy to carry and eat, yes. But it also helps if it doesn’t alienate everyone in your surrounding rows. For example, I love fish tacos… but I’d never take them on a plane. You catch my drift?

In this video, I share my TOP 5 SNACK PICKS FOR PLANE TRAVEL based on criteria that they are simple to prepare and pack, high on flavor and low on fumage. You people that bring egg salad sandwiches, I’m talking to you.

Watch Mile High Snacks and tell me, what are your favorite mile high snacks and who is the worst snacker you’ve ever sat next to on a flight… and what were they eating?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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