The Best Meatloaf Recipes for Winter!

Meatloaf is one of the best, coziest meals for winter. Not only is it hearty and satisfying, it is also really quite easy to make. A classic meatloaf is pretty easy to whip up when you run in the door at 5PM!

I’ve been looking around for new meatloaf recipes and here are some new favorites. They all have their own unique twists and would be great for all sorts of occasions. I’ve already made the mini meatloaves and they were adored by everyone in our house!


Meatloaf Burgers

These grilled meatloaf burgers are perfect for winter or summer! (via Babble)

Image source: Macki West

Meatloaf Sandwich

There’s no better way to welcome someone into your house than with a perfect meatloaf sandwich. (via Babble)


Image source: Dusbet Family

Turkey Meatloaf with Carrot Ketchup

Make your meal a little more magical (and enticing to kids) with this Mickey-shaped meatloaf! Don’t forget the carrot ketchup — it’s a fan favorite. (via Disney Family)

Image source: Brooke McLay

Cranberry Glazed Turkey & Stuffing Meatloaf

Make your own meatloaf with inexpensive ground turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce and get all the same flavor without the big budget. (via Babble)


Lamb Meatloaf Baked in Mini Pumpkins

Bake up a feast to remember with this creatively delicious recipe for lamb meatloaf baked in pumpkins. (via The Tomato Tart)

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