The 7 Best Cookbooks for the Christmas Season

The 7 Best Cookbooks for the Christmas Season

Every season I pull a new selection of cookbooks off my shelf and use them as my primary cooking resources for that time of year. It is not that I am trying to give them each equal attention, it is just that some cookbooks I find more useful for certain seasons than others. I’ve already told you about my favorite cookbooks for summer and fall, now here are my favorite cookbooks for Christmas. These all have some great recipes and tips for the holiday season that I find truly indispensable. If you don’t own any of these I highly recommend you flip through them the next time you are in the book store to take a look. You might just find the advice and recipes you’ve been looking for!

  • The Gourmet Cookie Book 1 of 8
    This mouthwatering book focuses on the single best cookie recipe that appeared in Gourmet each year from 1941 - 2009. During the holiday season these recipes are indispensable. I love how many interesting and unique cookie recipes there are to choose from. I can put together a different Christmas cookie platter every year! It also makes a terrific hostess gift.
    Get it from Amazon, $12.00
  • Nigella Christmas 2 of 8
    This book is an obvious choice for the Christmas season. In this cheery tome, Nigella serves up her best and most delicious holiday treats. My personal favorites are her recipes for stuffed pumpkin and sticky gingerbread.
    Get it from Amazon, $23.10
  • Martha Stewart Cookies 3 of 8
    Since the holiday season is probably the best time for cookies there is nothing like a cookbook solely dedicated to all of Martha Stewart's best cookie recipes. I always find something new in this book to try for the holidays. A particular favorite are the chocolate crackles and her perfect shortbread.
    Get it from Amazon, $15.98
  • The Food52 Cookbook 4 of 8
    This cookbook is arranged by season and all of the recipes in the fall and winter sections focus on the holiday season. I simply love the recipe for gin fruit and homemade marshmallows - both perfect homemade gifts - as well as the most decadent eggnog recipe in the world.
    Get it from Amazon, $22.51
  • Cook This Now by Melissa Clark 5 of 8
    Melissa is known for cooking at the whim of her appetite and this cookbook features many of her best dishes. It is full of many cozy home dishes that are perfect for the holiday season. My personal favorite is the figgy snacking cake - even the title alone sounds like the perfect holiday dish!
    Get it from Amazon, $18.74
  • The Joy of Cooking 6 of 8
    I still turn to this cookbook during the holiday season because it is the best resource for cooking times and temps and always has every answer I need when it comes to baking questions. This is a must for every home cook, especially during the holiday season.
    Get it from Amazon, $19.77
  • icon-zoom 7 of 8
  • The Ski House Cookbook by Tina Anderson and Sarah Pinneo 8 of 8
    What I love about this book is that it is full of cozy, delicious meals that are perfect for the holiday season. We love the beef chili and roasted brussels sprouts. Both are great for serving a crowd during the holidays.
    Get it from Amazon, $19.80


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