The Best Turkey Sandwiches and Tasty Turkey Leftover Recipes

Now that the turkey is carved and dinner is over it is time for turkey sandwiches, turkey soup and all the leftover dishes you can think of!! Yeah! Do you like the gobbler? Turkey salad? A turkey bolognese? What is your fave – let us know. In the mean time, here are some amazing recipes for turkey sandwich, turkey sauces and just about every leftover turkey dish you can think of. And, I swear to you, each one is better than the next. Gather your ingredients, bring your new favorite turkey dish together and enjoy!

  • BBQ Turkey Sandwiches 1 of 26
    These tasty bbq sandwiches are the whole reason to tuck away a few leftovers no matter how many guests you have!
    Make bbq turkey sandwiches
  • Turkey Pot Pie 2 of 26
    Pack those leftovers into a buttery crust with vegetables to make a delicious pot pie.
    Make turkey pot pie
  • Shepard’s Pie with Turkey 3 of 26
    Classic shepard's pie gets a Thanksgiving makeover with flavorful leftover turkey.
    Make shepard's pie with turkey
  • Turkey Hand Pie with Caramelized Leeks 4 of 26
    These tasty hand pies with caramelized leeks are like bite size pot pies and are perfect for little hands.
    Make turkey pie with caramelized leeks
  • Turkey Tortilla Bake 5 of 26
    Give your leftovers a Mexican twist with this delicious spicy bake!
    Make turkey tortilla bake
  • Crispy Turkey & Potato Cakes 6 of 26
    These crispy turkey cakes are like comfort food in one simple cake!
    Make turkey and potato cakes
  • Turkey Tetrazzini 7 of 26
    This lighter turkey tetrazzini is such a treat the day after a turkey dinner.
    Make turkey tetrazzini
  • Turkey Chili 8 of 26
    These tasty turkey chili recipes are a cinch to make and a real treat on the long weekend after Thanksgiving.
    Make turkey chili
  • Hot Brown Turkey Sandwich 9 of 26
    This classic deli-style sandwich is a cinch to make and is easily the most satisfying turkey sandwich known to man.
    Make hot brown turkey sandwich
  • NJ Style Sloppy Joes 10 of 26
    Everyone loves a sloppy joe, especially when they are jersey-style on rye!
    Make NJ style sloppy joes
  • Chipotle Turkey Salad Sandwiches 11 of 26
    Turkey salad is a great way to use up leftovers and can be served in a bowl or on a bun.
    Make chipotle turkey salad sandwiches
  • Turkey Noodle Soup 12 of 26
    This classic turkey noodle soup soothes the soul and even freezes well.
    Make turkey noodle soup
  • Turkey Bolognese with Red Sauce 13 of 26
    This silky red sauce is a lighter version of the beef version and is tasty to boot, easily the best way to use up those leftovers!
    Make turkey bolognese
  • images-7 14 of 26
    This sauce has a delicious citrusy bite with a hint of floral rosemary will be a huge hit at your table.
    Make cranberry sauce with grapefruit and rosemary
  • Cream of Wild Rice & Turkey Soup 15 of 26
    This delicious creamy soup is enough to make anyone consider roasting a second turkey, just so they can have more!
    Make wild rice and turkey soup
  • Turkey Bolognese White Sauce 16 of 26
    This delicious bolognese is perfect for making with turkey leftovers, toss it with penne and it will be devoured in no time!
    Make turkey bolognese
  • images 17 of 26
  • Teriyaki Turkey 18 of 26
    You will barely recognize your Thanksgiving meal when it is tossed into a Teriyaki rice bowl. Everyone will adore this healthy, lighter dish!
    Make teriyaki turkey
  • Turkey Sliders with Wasabi Mayo 19 of 26
    Give your leftover turkey and Asian flair with these yummy sliders topped with spicy wasabi mayo. They are perfect for serving up before the weekend football games!
    Make turkey sliders with wasabi mayo
  • Classic Turkey Soup 20 of 26
    Maybe you want noodles, or maybe you don't. Either way this is the soup for you. This classic rendition of turkey soup is exactly what you need on hand after Thanksgiving dinner.
    Make classic turkey soup
  • Classic Turkey Burger 21 of 26
    This moist burger is the perfect anecdote to a heavy Thanksgiving meal. Make your leftover meat into a whole new sandwich with this simple recipe!
    Make an Asian turkey burger
  • Turkey Tacos 22 of 26
    These awesome turkey tacos are the perfect break from Thanksgiving food while still using up the leftover turkey. Kids will love the fresh take on the last of the Thanksgiving meat and will have a blast dressing it up with fixings from the homemade taco bar!
    Make turkey tacos
  • Easy Turkey Wraps 23 of 26
    When you get tired of plain sandwiches and turkey burgers are too much effort give your turkey a fresh twist by making a wrap. This deliciou sandwich is perfect for lunch or a casual dinner.
    Make easy turkey wraps
  • Ultimate Turkey Black Bean Burger 24 of 26
    These terrific burgers are packed wiht protein but still kept on the lighter side with healthy toppings. Stretch any leftover turkey you have by combining it with black beans and mushrooms to make this great sandwich. !
    Make turkey black bean burgers
  • 5 Spice Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps 25 of 26
    Give your turkey leftovers a healthy twist by making these awesome turkey lettuce wraps. The spicy, tangy Asian flavors are refreshing after Thanksgiving and the lettuce wrap makes keeps it on the lighter side after such a heavy meal!
    Make 5 spice Asian turkey lettuce wraps
  • Cranberry Turkey Enchiladas 26 of 26
    Adding fresh flavor to leftover turkey is easier than you think.The Friday after Thanksgiving whip up these awesome turkey enchiladas. Everyone will love how their Thanksgiving meal has been transformed into a delicious Mexican feast!
    Try one of these 12 ways to make turkey enchiladas

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