The 7 Coolest Cupcake Toppers You Can Buy on Etsy

One the things that can be tricky about kids birthday party is serving the cakes or cupcakes. How do you decorate them if you are not crafty or an expert cake decorator? I find that sometimes the easiest thing to do is turn to the wonderful decorations known as cupcake toppers. A well-crafted, clever cupcake topper can instantly transform a blah cupcake into a really festive treat. A pink cupcake instantly becomes a ballerina, or a chocolate cupcake can instantly become a pirate ship. There are so many possibilities. I recently came across some cool cupcake toppers on Etsy and thought I would share them with you. I think these are particularly interesting because they are three-dimensional, really festive and make the cupcakes look so cool. I might have to order some for my birthday in September!

  • Watch out, it’s Captain Hook! 1 of 9
    This incredibly cool cupcake topper makes the whole cupcake look like Captain Hook's arm! Best of all, it is made of edible fondant so you could actually eat it without hurting yourself.
    For this cupcake topper and more with pirate themes visit Pirate Desserts on Etsy
  • Edible Fondant Giraffe Heads for a Zoo Party 2 of 9
    When you throw a zoo party pop these cool cupcake toppers on top of cupcakes with yellow frosting. Kids will love how cool the giraffe heads look on their treats!
    For these and more zoo themed cupcake toppers visit The Cupcake Stylist on Etsy
  • Classic Mouse Ears 3 of 9
    Check out Amanda's awesome instructions on how to make these really cool Barbie cake pops. I love how the skirts are so glittering and fun - perfect Barbie Style!
    Courtesy of Amanda Cupcake
  • She’s a Princess 4 of 9
    Any crowned princess would adore these sweet bejeweled cupcake toppers. I love how the cupcakes actually go inside the crowns - genius! After the kids are done eating the cupcakes they can put the crowns on dolls for dress up.
    To celebrate your princess's birthday buy these at Cakeadoodledo on Etsy
  • Frilly Tutu Cupcakes 5 of 9
    Your little dancer will adore these frilly tutu cupcake toppers. They turn any cupcake into an instant ballerina dream. To make them extra frilly place them in white cupcakes with pink frosting.
    To wish your little dancer a happy birthday buy these at The Polka Dot Shop on Etsy
  • An Adorable Trinket Box Girl 6 of 9
    This really cool cupcake topper brings a bit of nostalgia into the mix with the vintage girl doll face. It almost looks like a trinket box or a festive cake with the fake candle!
    Give your party a vintage feel and buy these at The Polka Dot Shop on Etsy
  • It’s the Black Pearl Pirate Ship! 7 of 9
    A three-dimensional pirate ship is totally the way to go when it comes to throwing a pirate themed party. I love the way this easy to assemble kit makes the cupcakes look like actual toy ships. You almost want to play with them instead of eat them!
    For your next pirate party buy the sets here at Stitches by Susan on Etsy
  • Edible Fondant Little Race Cars 8 of 9
    I can just imagine how cool a little racer would love these edible race cars. To give them a try racing feel place them on top of a cupcake with green icing - because a green flag is what starts the race!
    Buy them here at CakesandKids on Etsy
  • Perfect Party Hats 9 of 9
    These awesome party hats would take a cupcake to new heights - literally! I can imagine how pretty they would look on top of a cupcake with pink frosting to match the frilly bottom.
    Find them at The Polka Dot Shop on Etsy

Top Photo by The Polka Dot Shop

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