The 7 Most Important Food Documentaries You'll Ever See

What your mama used to cook you may be nostalgic, but is it the best choice for your health? More and more, documentary filmmakers are asking that very question, and finding more than a few disturbing answers. If you’re looking for a few hours of unwinding time this week, turn on any one of these 7 important flicks, educate yourself, and learn what you can do to achieve greater health, a longer life span, and maybe even the power to combat cancer!

  • Forks Over Knives 1 of 7
    Forks Over Knives
    Highlighting the scientific support behind a plant-based diet, this no-nonsense documentary may have you thinking twice about going vegan.
  • Food, Inc. 2 of 7
    Food, Inc.
    What happens when a food supply becomes motivated by profit, rather than health? Food, Inc. lays it in black and white.
  • Food Matters 3 of 7
    Food Matters
    Food can either harm or heal. This documentary explores what your food is doing for you.
  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 4 of 7
    Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
    Weighing in at more than 300-pounds, one filmmaker decides to go on a juice fast--as a road trip--discovering the power of healthy eating along the way.
  • The Future of Food 5 of 7
    The Future of Food
    Discover the power--and pitfalls--of genetically modified food. Prepare yourself, you might not like where we're headed with our current food supply.
  • King Corn 6 of 7
    King Corn
    When the government subsidizes corn, the entire country creates plentiful uses for it. But, is that the best choice for our health?
  • SuperSize Me 7 of 7
    SuperSize Me
    This cult classic documentary started asking the hard questions about our health, our habits, and how we can change them both for the better.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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