The Absolute Best Way to Cut and Pit an Avocado

This past spring I had the chance to visit some California avocado groves and see the entire life cycle of an avocado, from pit to sitting on your kitchen counter! It was a great day, complete with a cooking demonstration by Katie Ferraro, MPH, RD from Fiber is the Future. I learned a lot that day and had great fun, but a tip that Katie shared has seriously changed my life. I honestly don’t know how I never knew it before and am a little surprised I didn’t ever just figure it out on my own!

how to cut and pit an avocado

We all know that cutting avocados can be a little scary. You can get the pit out easily by whacking it with a knife, but it’s not exactly the safest technique and getting the pit off the knife is always tricky. I’ve always heard that a good number of kitchen injuries come from people cutting a grid into the avocado while holding the skin in their hand. Basically, cutting and pitting avocados is fraught with danger – but no more! I put together a quick video to show you the best way ever to cut and pit an avocado that is easy, fast and, most importantly, safe!

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