Confession: I Did a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Recently, juice cleansing has been getting a lot of attention, most notable through the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead, where filmmaker Joe Cross decides to live on juice alone for 60 days and puts himself on a path to overcoming an autoimmune disorder, severe obesity, and years of poor health habits. I was so inspired by his journey, so tired of my daily cravings and food sneaks, so sick of the extra 15 pounds I’d acquired over the winter, I decided to dive into a 3-day juice cleanse. Since the mere idea of creating fresh juice in my own kitchen 3-8 times a day made me want to curl in a ball and take four naps, I researched juice fast options and discovered one that fit right into my busy mom schedule. It’s always lovely to discover there are ways to reach your goals while still reaching all of your other goals!


At the end of 3 days on my juice cleanse, I’d lost about 5 pounds, only once felt hungry, and had nixed so many cravings from sugar high’s and low’s, I couldn’t believe the difference. The juice fast had worked on so many levels. Now I wanted to know more. Why did it work? What was the point of juice fasting anyway? And how could I keep feeling this good all year long? Here’s what the folks at Blueprint Cleanse had to say.

Why juice cleanse?
With all of the pollutants in the air and in the water we drink along with our occasional (or even frequent) dietary indulgences, the body tends to build up toxins. A juice cleanse allows the digestive system to rest while it is simultaneously flooded with nutrients, giving it the opportunity to heal and direct more energy toward repairing and clearing out toxins.
What are the benefits of the juice cleansing?
While we as a company don’t make specific claims because results vary from person to person, what we do know is what we, ourselves have experienced and what our clients have experienced. Our clients have reported everything from “my skin cleared up,” to “I lowered my blood pressure.” We’ve also heard reports of more restful sleep, mental clarity, and improved digestion, to name a few.

Why is summertime a good time to juice cleanse?
Ideally, we recommend cleansing for three days at least once a month, but another good option is to cleanse quarterly, or once a season. Summertime is an excellent time to cleanse, simply because the weather is warmer, so it’s that much easier to drink delicious cold juice throughout the day and temporarily lay off solid foods. Summer is also traditionally a time filled with lots of indulgence, including BBQ’s, beach days, and nights dining al fresco with friends, so it’s a great time to give your body a break. Other good times to cleanse include after the holidays, spring, and really anytime you feel like you’ve overindulged and want to reset your habits and get back to a clean slate.

Why would moms be interested in juice cleansing?
If you have a few post-baby pounds to shed, a juice cleanse is a great way to kick-start a diet or new healthy eating regimen because it will help you crave more wholesome, nutritious foods, like raw fruits and veggies. Pregnant or nursing moms should not cleanse, however, because it will not provide proper nutrition during this crucial time, but drinking our raw, fresh pressed juices in addition to a normal diet is a great option to fit more fruits and veggies into your day and maximize nutrition.

So what makes your Blueprint Cleanse different from other juice cleanses?
We use a special hydraulic press method that applies seven tons of pressure to extract every bit of goodness from our fresh fruits and vegetables, making our juice 3-5 times more nutrient dense than juice made from a regular juicer. We use the best raw and organic produce, and we were the first cleanse company to offer cleanses with varying levels of intensity to make cleansing accessible to clients with different dietary habits and histories, and we deliver directly to homes and offices nationwide starting at $65/day.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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