The Best Mug to Serve Hot Cocoa In!..

hot cocoa mugs
hot cocoa mugs

Interesting news out that involves how the color of your mug may influence how you perceive the taste and deliciousness of your hot cocoa beverage. So before you pour your chocolate-y bliss, read this mug color info via Mashable!..

Mashable reported that “Hot Chocolate Tastes Better in Orange Cups, Study Says.”

So put down that classic white mug (it may get chocolate stained anyways!) and grab a bright orange mug…

“A new report, conducted by researchers at Polytechnic University of Valencia and Oxford University, concluded that orange-colored cups enhance the perception of its contents.”
– read the complete report over on Mashable.

This “orange color” thing is nothing new. Actually orange, red and yellow all seem to stimulate the hunger parts of our brain. Planet Photoshop discusses Color Therapy and the way colors influences our brains. There has long been discussion that the color orange can actually make you feel more hungry. Just think of Mac and Cheese Sauce. Orange foods may actually make you (more) hungry because of their color. Or think of the marketing colors that McDonald’s uses .. red and yellow. Which by the way blend to make orange.

So make your cocoa taste amazing by grabbing an orange mug and whipping up this dark chocolate hot cocoa recipe.

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