The Best Thanksgiving Tip That Saves My Sanity!

The secret to my sanity on Thanksgiving can all be attributed to a very simple tool: post-it notes. I don’t know how I would do Thanksgiving without them and this is hands down my favorite Thanksgiving tip!

thanksgiving post-it notes

Cooking a Thanksgiving feast requires major multi-tasking skills. I don’t know about you, but I’m actually not very good at multi-tasking in the kitchen. If I have more than 2 things going at once, something almost always goes wrong. Enter the humble post-it note!

Each Thanksgiving morning I sit down with a  stack of post-its and write out my schedule. I use as many post-its as it takes, putting in every single step that needs to happen that day. I stick all the post-it notes up on the wall above my stove and it becomes my Thanksgiving bible. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful this little trick is! All I have to do at any given moment is look at the clock, check the wall of post-it notes and I know what needs to happen. The advantage of the post-it notes over a piece of paper with the schedule written down is that I don’t ever lose the post-it notes!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s to successful kitchen multi-tasking!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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