The Best Way To Stay Warm This Winter: Spicy Hot Chocolate

Don’t get me wrong… I love regular hot chocolate, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and good old fashioned powdery hot cocoa…. but sometimes you just need the spice of hot chocolate to come warm up your winter. That was me today. I decided to share with you so your winter can be a little warmer. Enjoy!

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    Spicy Hot Chocolate

    Spicy hot chocolate served with dollops of whipped cream and bits of chile flakes.

  • Ingredients 2 of 8

    Just a few ingredients will open your world to spicy hot chocolate.

  • California Chile 3 of 8

    Add chiles to the water and bring to a boil. 

  • Mexican Chocolate 4 of 8

    Add in the chocolate disks. Allow them to melt, and continue to boil for 10 minutes.

  • Pour In The Milk 5 of 8

    Pour in the milk once the chocolate is melted and has boiled for a little while. 

  • Stew 6 of 8

    Let the mixture stew. 

  • Chiles 7 of 8

    Remove the chiles from the chocolate liquid. 

  • Serve 8 of 8

    Serve hot by pouring into a cup and adding a touch of whipped cream and chile flakes. Enjoy!

Ingredients for spicy hot chocolate:

  • 4 – cups water
  • 3 – dried California chiles
  • 2 – Mexican chocolate disks
  • 1 – can evaporated milk
  • whipped cream
  • Chile flakes


  1. In a pot over a medium high flame add in water and California chiles. Bring to a boil.
  2. Add in chocolate disks. Let sit in hot boiling water for 1o minutes.
  3. With a spoon add in chocolate disks, and stir to dissolve chocolate.
  4. Once chocolate is dissolved allow to boil for another 10  minutes.
  5. Pour in the evaporated milk. Stir to combine.
  6. Remove the chiles from the liquid.
  7. Pour into a cup and top with whipped cream and chile flakes.
  8. Enjoy!


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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