The Butch Bakery Cookbook: Giveaway

When I first opened a copy of The Butch Bakery Cookbook just released by Wiley… my initial thought was “whoa.” This is definitely not your conventional cookbook about baking. If you’re looking for pretty cupcakes with little sprinkles for kids, look elsewhere. This isn’t your mother’s cupcake cookbook and it’s far from conventional or traditional. It’s loaded with recipes for grown-ups with interesting and intense adult flavors. Can you say “Mojito cupcake?” Or… how about a “Rum and Coke cupcake” …or “Root Beer Float” cupcake anyone? The timing of this book couldn’t be better. Combinations like chocolate and bacon in Tee and Cakes famous cupcakes or chiles with chocolate have been growing in popularity. What we once thought were crazy combinations are usually accepted and loved once we give them a chance. However, David takes his creations a step further.

Author David Arrick opened his masculine themed bakery “The Butch Bakery” two years ago and has enjoyed tremendous success. His style was unique, bold and far from what you would expect to find in your neighborhood bakery. When I asked David what inspired him to create such inventive recipes, he replied…

“My inspiration for the recipes were Beer, Bourbon and Baseball.   Love all of ’em.  I was literally enjoying a bourbon on the rocks, watching the Yankees, and wanted something to snack on – something with intense, bold flavor.  I just started jotting down some ideas….beer in the buttercream, cayenne pepper in the batter, bacon with peanut butter…it just went on and on.”

The book is meant not just to share David’s infamous recipes but also to inspire the home cook to break new ground and create their own unique flavors and style. David’s “Cupcake Bootcamp,” “Butch’s Supply Closet” and “Butch’s Toolbox,” sections detail tools, tips, tricks and resources to help you create these recipes at home.

If you’re looking for something original and recipes that truly challenge your baking perspective by using inspired ingredients then this book is simply a must have. And we’ll make it a little easier to get your hands on it….

We are giving away THREE COPIES of The Butch Bakery. To enter the drawing, simply tell us the most interesting dessert you’ve ever tasted in the comment section. We will select three winners at random on Sunday, October 30th. Good luck!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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