The Easiest, Most Elegant Rose Cupcakes

Cupcakes sometimes need that extra special touch, especially if you’re going to be gifting them or setting them out for everyone to judge. That knife-spread icing just won’t do…especially if you’re a perfectionist like Shaina.

When I saw Amanda’s rose cupcakes on i am baker a while back, she made it seem to easy. Just pop on the right tip and everything will turn out picture perfect. Gorgeous roses will adorn the cupcakes in no time. It was almost too good to be true.

Once upon a time a husband went to the store for his wife. It was a baking supply store. His goal was to come home with a 1M tip for his wife to decorate cupcakes with. He returned with a tip that was not a 1M tip and insisted he saw no such thing at the store. A store he was not used to frequenting, nor was he interested in frequenting on any regular basis.

The wife sighed and moved on with life, until the next time she went to the store and found said tip right where she had told the husband it would be. There are certain places a wife should just not ask her husband to venture into. The baking supply store is one of them.

With a 1M tip, you just pipe on the frosting starting from the center. Watch Amanda do it in her cake tutorial. In no time, elegant rose cupcakes that are very, very forgiving as you’re pressing through. Perfect for large groups and the beginning of spring.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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