The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

Longtime vegetarian-gone-vegan Alicia Silverstone released a book last year called The Kind Diet. The Kind Diet is an introduction to all the benefits of eating a vegan diet, going over the hows and whys and even sharing over 100 vegan recipes.

Alicia shares her personal epiphanies when it came to going from carnivore to vegetarian to vegan and how it helped everything from her skin to weight loss and more. With all the diet trends going on right now, from raw foodists to locavores, to just being more environmentally-friendly and aware of the Earth, the Kind Diet falls in line nicely. So nicely, in fact, that The Kind Diet has made its way to the New York Times Bestsellers List.

In The Kind Diet Alicia lays out three different levels of jumping on the diet: Flirt, Vegan, Superhero. A flirt is someone who toys around with the idea of eating vegan. You slowly start replacing the meat in your diet with plant-based sources of protein. At the vegan level you have completely replaced all meat and other animal products like eggs and cheese from your diet. The superhero level goes one step further with a diet that consists of mainly vegetables and whole grains.

Overall, Alicia stresses that the whole concept behind the Kind Diet is to be kind to yourself and your body. When you put good things in, you’ll see the beneficial results. Additionally, she has said it numerous times in interviews and speeches that she doesn’t want people to beat themselves up if they fall off the diet one day. This is the kind of diet where you can just hop right back on if you need to.

Have you heard of the Kind Diet? What are your thoughts on going to the superhero level? Do you think there are any downfalls?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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