The Many Faces of Cookie Dough Dip

Have you heard of this thing? Cookie Dough Dip. Dip that tastes like you’re licking the bowl, except it’s completely socially acceptable to do so? In fact, it’s encouraged that you take cookies, crackers, fruit pieces and whatever else you can get your hands on and liberally dunk them in this cookie-dough-like substance that makes you feel as though the food police are standing over you warning you of the salmonella risk from eating raw eggs. Except that it’s raw egg free, and you, my friend, are realizing all your childhood dreams come true in that moment. Cookie dough dip. Let’s get some.

  • Cookie Dough Dip Trio 1 of 6
    Cookie Dough Dip Trio
    Not one, not two, but three cookie dough dip varieties for those who can't make up their minds. Will you go for the peanut butter chocolate chip, the chocolate fudge, or does your heart belong to snickerdoodles?
    Cookie Dough Dip Trio via How Sweet Eats
  • Thin Candy Shell 2 of 6
    Thin Candy Shell
    Once you've conquered chocolate chip cookie dough, the next logical step is to start making your favorite variations. M&Ms won't be far behind with their brightly colored shells that melt in your mouth, not in your hand.
    M&M Cookie Dough Dip via Leenee's Sweetest Delights
  • Sugarless 3 of 6
    This cookie dough dip may actually be good for you? Don't tell anyone it's made with chickpeas, dates, and other good-for-you foods, and they'll still think they're being naughty.
    Sugar Free Cookie Dough Dip via Chocolate-Covered Katie
  • Cream Cheese – The answer to all of life’s problems 4 of 6
    Cream Cheese - The answer to all of life's problems
    This cream cheese number is paired with cute graham sticks for a complete dessert course.
    Cookie Dough Dip via Taste of Home
  • Sugar Cookie’d 5 of 6
    Sugar Cookie'd
    Another trio of cookie-dough-bowl-lickin' goodness, but this one includes a sugar cookie dough dip complete with colored sprinkles.
    Sugar Cookie Dough Dip via Willow Bird Baking
  • Dreamily Creamy 6 of 6
    Dreamily Creamy
    Julie's version of this dip uses sour cream to make it extra creamy, opting out of the butter realm. Does it still pass the test? I guess you'll have to make it to find out.
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

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