The Many Flavors of Chocolate Cake: 10 Different Variations!

I think it is just great that we celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day. (This year on Monday, January 27.) In my opinion, chocolate cake is so delicious it needs its own special day. It shouldn’t just be lumped in with “dessert day” or “cake day.” Don’t you agree?

But there’s not just one flavor of chocolate cake. The flavors are limitless based on the ingredients in the cake. I have included chocolate cake recipes made with jam, Guinness stout, bourbon, white chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and zucchini to name a few.

Check out the recipes for these 10 delicious cakes to experience the many flavors of chocolate cake that my friends and I have made.

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    10 Flavors of Chocolate Cake

    Follow the links to 10 delicious and different flavors of chocolate cake. 

  • Chocolate Strawberry Cake 2 of 11
    chocolate strawberry cake

    Chocolate strawberry cake is made with yogurt, ground almonds, and both all purpose and whole wheat flour, then filled with fresh strawberries and covered with buttercream frosting.  What a beautiful cake!

    Source:  Babble

  • Chocolate Zucchini Cake 3 of 11

    Chocolate zucchini cake is a moist, delicious, cake made with grated zucchini. We knew there was a way to make chocolate healthy!

    Source:  Babble

  • Flourless Chocolate Cake 4 of 11
    2_Flourless chocolate cake

    Flourless chocolate cake proves you don't need flour to have a mouthwatering, scrumptious cake. Made with dried currants, potato starch, Grand Marnier, bittersweet chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla, this cake has a rich, deep chocolate flavor.

    Source:  Babble

  • Chocolate Velvet Cake 5 of 11

    Chocolate velvet cake is a rich, oh-so-delicious chocolate cake with the texture of traditional velvet cake.  

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Egg Free Chocolate Cake 6 of 11

    Egg free chocolate cake is a rich, full-flavored cake made with avocado puree. 

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake 7 of 11

    Triple chocolate mousse cake is rich in three distinctively different layers and flavors: the bottom layer is a flourless, deep bittersweet chocolate cake, the middle layer is lighter chocolate mousse, and the top layer is made of white chocolate mousse. 

    Source:  Brown Eyed Baker


  • Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake 8 of 11
    2_Mayo Chocolate Cake

    Mayonnaise chocolate cake is super moist with "secret" ingredients mayonnaise and cinnamon. 

    Source:  Cookies and Cups

  • Chocolate Guinness Stout Cake 9 of 11

    Chocolate Guinness stout cake is a really rich chocolate cake made with Guinness draught stout, cocoa, and buttermilk. A sauce made from Guinness stout, brown sugar, and cocoa is poured over the cooled cake, and then a chocolate ganache glaze tops that. Oh, wow!

    Source:  Recipe Girl


  • Chocolate and Jam Tea Cake 10 of 11

    Chocolate and jam tea cake is made with unsweetened cocoa and whatever jam you like, but strawberry, cherry, or pear are especially good. The flavor of the chocolate depends on the flavor of jam you use.

    Source:  Simple Bites

  • Ultimate Bourbon Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeye Cake 11 of 11

    Ultimate bourbon chocolate peanut butter buckeye cake is a triple layer of absolute yumminess. Layers of cake made with bittersweet chocolate, bourbon, yogurt, and coffee are topped with peanut butter filling, then chocolate frosting and bittersweet chocolate ganache. This is all topped with chocolate peanut butter buckeyes. Wow!

    Source:  Half Baked Harvest


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