The Mega Millions Winning Numbers Would Fund This First Purchase, The Ultimate Kitchen

So you have the winning numbers, and you’re getting ready to collect that first big check. You’re on your way to becoming a mega millionaire. What would you do first? We’ve all wondered what would be the first thing you use your winning lottery money for. Many people say obvious things like pay off bills, save for their children’s college, save for retirement, or go on that extended vacation they have been putting off for years. For me though, I’d start by creating my perfect kitchen. Food is my life, it’s my passion. I love spending time in the kitchen for work and for fun. Creating delicious foods that my friend’s and family enjoy brings me no greater joy.

Here’s my ultimate wish list of must-have item’s in my dream kitchen:

Pictured above is the king of all stoves, a Grand Palais 180. It’s the ultimate stove with two ovens, one gas and one electric.

For my refrigeration needs, I’d have to have the Sub-Zero PRO 48. Made of 100% steel, it’s beautiful as well as functional.

For my microwave, I’d have this Panasonic NE-3280 Sonic Steamer Commercial Microwave Oven. Since microwaves are no good for anything but steaming and melting almond bark, this one will be perfect.

And for my kitchen counters, forget the granite or marble. That was so last year. I’ll be special ordering these glazed volvic lava stone in vermilion.

And I can’t forget the outdoor kitchen for my husband, I’ll be special ordering him this Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite. I think he’ll be pleased.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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