The Secret Starbucks Menu

Have you ever noticed those tiny kids cups at Starbucks? Maybe you even order them for your kids filled with apple juice, lemonade or hot chocolate. But did you know that you can order them too? The “short” size, 8 ounces, makes a great actual cup of coffee when that’s all you’re looking for. A short cappuccino, for instance, is more Italian style with less milk.

But the short size isn’t the only non-listed menu item at the siren-emblazoned coffee slinger’s menu. There’s a whole line of drinks on the “secret” Starbucks menu.

Red, black or green eye: One, two or three espresso shots in a cup of coffee.

French-pressed coffee: You can order any bagged coffee on the menu French pressed.

Biscotti Frapuccino: Buy a biscotti and have it mixed into your Frapuccino for a new twist on the creamy coffee drink.

Raspberry cheesecake: Perfect for Valentine’s Day, order a white chocolate mocha with a shot of raspberry syrup for a special treat.

Three Cs: A cinnamon dolce latte with a shot each of real caramel and chocolate mocha syrup.

Tuxedo Or Zebra Mocha: Half white mocha, half regular for a mix of both.

The Nutella: A cafe misto with shots of hazelnut and chocolate for a drink that emulates the infamous spread.

Photo by rudolf_schuba

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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