The Top 10 Google Recipe Searches of 2011

The internet has become a valuable resource when it comes to food, nutrition and cooking – recipes are among Google’s most popular searches. Between sites linked to magazines such as Gourmet and Bon Appetit, TV shows and networks like Food Network, parenting sites and thousands of food blogs, there is a virtually limitless pool of recipes to search through. In Google’s Zeitgeist 2011: How the World Searched, billions of Google searches were sorted through to capture the year’s 10 fastest-rising global queries, and get an idea of what the world cared about in 2011.

It seems Canadians like their recipes. So much in fact that it was one of the top search topics of 2011. In the top 10 searches, the US had topics such as Tech & Gadgets and Pop Culture. Canada had a whole top 10 of exclusively recipes, as that’s largely what Canadians search for.

In order, here are the most sought-after recipes of 2011.

  • #1: Pork Tenderloin 1 of 10
    #1: Pork Tenderloin
    A long, thin cut of pork, the tenderloin is - as its name suggests - very tender, and full of flavour. There are many ways to prepare it, from oven to barbecue - this Thai-style salad with pork and mango is perfect for those who plan to eat healthier in the new year. (Photo © 2008 National Mango Board)
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • #2: Pumpkin Pie 2 of 10
    #2: Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin pie is so popular around Thanksgiving (in October in Canada) and Christmas, that it made #2 on the year's top 10 search list! This classic recipe is mildly spiced, with molasses and brown sugar.
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • #3: Butter Chicken 3 of 10
    #3: Butter Chicken
    This creamy, classic east Indian dish is surprisingly not butter-laden, but does contain heavy cream - lighten it up with plain yogurt. It's easier to make from scratch than you might think - this version can be done in a slow cooker, even!
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • #4: Quinoa Salad 4 of 10
    #4: Quinoa Salad
    Quinoa has become the latest, greatest superfood, and makes a fantastic base for a salad. This one has black beans and mango, tossed with a sweet cumin dressing.
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • #5: Cake Pops 5 of 10
    #5: Cake Pops
    Cake pops were the new darling of party tables this year, almost more popular than cupcakes. The Family Kitchen has a ton of great cake pop recipes - try streamlining them by starting with cake donut holes!
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • #6: Tzatziki 6 of 10
    #6: Tzatziki
    A creamy sauce made with yogurt, garlic and grated cucumbers, tzatziki is typically served on middle Eastern sandwiches and makes a healthy, low-fat dip.
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • #7: Macaroni Salad 7 of 10
    #7: Macaroni Salad
    A popular summer item for picnics and barbecues, macaroni salad is perfectly portable, and infinitely adaptable!
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • #8: Red Velvet Cupcakes 8 of 10
    #8: Red Velvet Cupcakes
    Red velvet cake has been all the rage for the past year or two, morphing with the cupcake craze for the ultimate in celebratory cakes for birthdays, showers and weddings.
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • #9: Rice Krispie Treats 9 of 10
    #9: Rice Krispie Treats
    Rice Krispie Treats have maintained their popularity since they were invented in the 1920s/30s by Mildred Day and the staff at the Kellogg Company home economics department as a fund raiser for Camp Fire Girls. They're easy to customize - this version is made with sunflower seed butter, honey, oats and dried cherries!
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!
  • #10: Shepherd’s Pie 10 of 10
    #10: Shepherd's Pie
    A classic dish made with ground lamb, peas and carrots, seasoned with gravy and topped with mashed potatoes. More often it's made with ground beef, in which case technically it's not a shepherd's pie, but cottage pie. Either way, it's delicious!
    The Family Kitchen has the recipe!

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