The Virgo Profile for Diet, Exercise & Weight Loss

CHicken Lettuce Wraps
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I am a Virgo. Always have been, and apparently always will be, even with the new charts. I am an Earth sign. As a person I’ve always fit all of the Virgo stereotypes. I read my Susan Miller religiously and even have her iPhone app. According to Susan, and scores of other astrologers, Virgos are the quiet unassuming sort, known for their organization, communication and listening skills. As far as food goes, since Virgos are generally tightly wound people (I fit that bill, too) we need to eat food that is not irritating to the stomach or digestive tract. For fitness, we need to stick to relaxing exercising like yoga or pilates. Exercise that targets both the mind and body. Since I am a food writer I thought it would be fun to share some of my Virgo profile today, including lots of the delicious recipes I love to make and eat. These are foods that sit well with Virgos, they are healthy, tasty and are a snap to make.

My Virgo Profile for Diet

1. Lean Proteins like these Healthy Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps always makes for a great main course.

2. Green vegetables like this gorgeous Marinated Asparagus with Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette rounds out a meal nicely.

3. Whole grains like this Quinoa Salad are always excellent for my mind and body.

4. Luscious Chocolate Cake always fits the bill, Virgos do like to indulge in the finer things!

My Virgo Profile for Excerise

1. Running: My favorite exercise for sweating a little bit, it is good for both the mind and body

2. Yoga: Twice a week I do slow yoga, stretching my tightly wound muscles and listening to my teacher to help quiet my mind.

My Virgo Profile for Weight Loss

1. Virgos LOVE to indulge in decadent sweets. For weight loss I cut back on sweets and ramp up the exercise, this almost always does the trick. It can be easy to slip into a lazy mode and it is crucial that never happens. Stay active Virgos and you’ll never have to worry about weight loss!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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