The World's Worst Ice Cream Flavors: 5 Flavor Doozies

Here in America, we’ve got Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers. We’ve got Blue Bell and Baskin Robbins. But, not everyone in the world is as lucky as us sugar-laden, sweet-addicted yanks. Throughout the world there are a host of unsavory ice cream flavors, from the bizarre to the downright nasty. Ready to check out the five worst? Hope you have a gag bucket handy!

  • Something’s Fishy In Here 1 of 6
    Octopus Ice Cream may sound like a terrifying mix-in, but in Japan, it's a custardy favorite!
    Photo from Who-Sucks.
  • Vant a Lick? 2 of 6
    Next time Edward, Bella, and the Twilight crew head on vacation, it's recommended they steer clear of Garlic Ice Cream. Oh, heck. Perhaps EVERYONE should steer clear of the stuff.
    Photo from Who-Sucks.
  • Soybean Souffle 3 of 6
    When you're really craving something cold and smooth, Soybean & Kelp Ice Cream may be just the thing to stave off those dessert desires…forever.
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  • Salad Bar 4 of 6
    Get your veggies in everyday with this Salad Ice Cream. Comes complete with chunks of frozen vegetables. Delish.
    Photo from Who-Sucks.
  • Waaaaah-sabi 5 of 6
    When you can't find sushi, nothing makes a better substitute than Wasabi Ice Cream. Right? Um…sure. Right.
    Photo from Who-Sucks.
  • Get the Good Stuff 6 of 6
    Looking for a few GOOD ice cream flavors?
    Check out our slideshow on 12 Homemade Ice Creams.


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