The Worst Valentine's Day Gifts: Food Edition

Do you have that special someone who did you wrong?  Or perhaps you and your spouse play opposite day on the one day a year when love rules all. Well, I’ve got some great gift ideas to pass along. Keep reading…

  • Chocolate Covered Bugs 1 of 9
    Chocolate Covered Bugs
    Take the bugs out of the package and put them into a cute little box or gift bag. They will never see those roaches coming.
    Get inspiration for Chocolate covered bugs at Smosh
  • Candy Scale 2 of 9
    Candy Scale
    Nothing like a little reminder of all that goes in...and stays there.
    Get inspiration for a candy scale at Funny Potato
  • Mouth Wash 3 of 9
    Mouth Wash
    I have an ex that I desperately want to give this to. Stinky jerk. Here's a guide to what's what.
    Get inspiration for bad breath cures at Cure Halitosis
  • Bad Fortune Cookies 4 of 9
    Bad Fortune Cookies
    Stinky finger! You wouldn't believe the other bad fortunes out there.
    Get inspiration for bad fortune cookies at Savvy and Sage
  • Cruel Conversation Hearts 5 of 9
    Cruel Conversation Hearts
    Oh. Em. Gee. Your money is on the dresser? Ouch...or how much?
    Get inspiration for cruel conversation hearts at Salon
  • Clearance Candy 6 of 9
    Clearance Candy
    Nothing says you mean less to me like crappy marked down chocolate.
    Get inspiration for Clearance candy at New Times
  • ExLax Cookies 7 of 9
    ExLax Cookies
    An oldie, but goodie. That douche will never know what coming until…explosions.
    Get inspiration for ExLax Cookies at ExLax Cookies
  • Leftover Halloween Candy 8 of 9
    Leftover Halloween Candy
    And not even the good stuff. Make sure to leave it in the sun for a few weeks, then out in the cold, maybe the yard.
    Get inspiration for leftover Halloween candy at Sugar Pressure
  • Sorry About the … 9 of 9
    Sorry About the ...
    This is one vengeful cookie. Feel free to fill in the blank for a more personal touch.
    Get inspiration for the sorry about the…cookie at Ebaums World

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