Tiger Blood Drink: Because Bi-Winning is My Passion

Are you winning?  Are you bi-winning?  Winning here and winning there?  Whether you’re rocking it a parties that are not from this particular terrestrial realm, using a blender, using a vaccum cleaner, or making Sinatra look like a droopy-eyed armless child, one thing is for sure.  Charlie Sheen’s most recent interview has sparked a firestorm of excitement–and cocktail recipe (even P Diddy tweeted one this morning, “Redberry Ciroc + Cranberry Juice = #TIGERBLOOD!!! – #Winning!) based on his declaration that he has Tiger Blood.  now that he’s “harnessed absolute focus.”  Something one can,

And so, people everywhere are preparing themselves batches of Tiger Blood drinks.  As a child growing up in conservative, buttoned-up Utah, Tiger’s Blood was a common snowcone flavor.  One of my favorite.   And while it’s likely nothing that Mr. Sheen will be sipping anytime soon (not ‘epic’ enough for his one speed, one gear partying habits), the combination of flavors is crazy delish nonetheless and worthy of sharing.

I suppose there are a plethora of liquors one could mix into this base.  I’ll leave that up to you since I’m a Utah gal.  But, for those of you looking to replicate the flavor of strawberry-coconut Tiger’s Blood, here ya go.  Winning.

Tiger’s Blood Cocktail Syrup
2 cups granulated sugar
3/4 cup water
1 package strawberry Kool-Aid®
1 package cherry Kool-Aid®
2 teaspoons coconut flavoring

Bring sugar and water to a full boil. Remove from heat and stir in Kool-Aid® and Bacardi Mix. Stir a small amount of the mix into a cup of gingerale, Sprite, or your favorite drink base.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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