Today is National Pepper Pot Day

Pepper pot soup is called the soup that won the Revolutionary War. According to legend, the troops had suffered through a long and harsh winter. All the local farmers were selling their crops to the British for cash instead of selling to George Washington’s troops for the continental currency which was very weak at the time. By the time the continental army had reached Valley Forge, they were running very low on food, so they were making stews of whatever they could find to survive. To boost the morale of the troops, General George Washington asked Christopher Ludwick to create a special meal. On this day in 1777, Pepper Pot Soup was created. The soup helped raise morale of the troops and well, the rest is history.

Ludwick used rations of tripe, peppercorns, salted meat and other ingredients to create Pepper Pot Soup. There are several authentic recipes for pepper pot soup including the one you can find here. It’s thought because Ludwick was from Philadelphia, and because Philadelphia was the center of slave trade then, his pepper pot soup was just an Americanized version of the Jamaican callaloo soup. Callaloo soup is a delicious winter soup that has many variations, and also goes by the name of pepper pot soup.

Today would be the perfect day to try pepper pot soup, the Americanized or the Jamaican version. I’ll forgive you if you want to skip the tripe though — I know I’ll be substituting the tripe for some boneless skinless chicken thighs. Be sure to check out our winter soups slide show too — you’ll be sure to find a delicious soup to keep you warm on this cold winter day.

Video courtesy of Grace Foods Creative Cooking, youtube.com/user/gracefoods

Photo credit: flickr.com/gifrancis

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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