Tons of Fresh Tips To Get Organized In The Kitchen

Last weekend I was looking for some ingredients and realized I’ve let my pantry go. I started taking everything out and, before I knew it, half the items were being tossed. Not good. I don’t like wasting food because it means I’m wasting money — money that I could use to buy that cute summer dress or, you know, to pay a bill. I set out to get organized, and I didn’t stop at the pantry; I attacked the spice cupboard, fridge, and freezer. Before I went on my organization frenzy, I looked up tips for getting organized so I could make the most of my space. I will share with you what I found after the jump…

  • Compartmentalized Fridge 1 of 9
    Compartmentalized Fridge
    I love these pull out bins for keeping together items you will likely use at the same time — like salad ingredients. If something spills, leaks, or spoils, you can just clean that bin instead of the whole fridge!
    Learn how to organize your fridge at Goodbye, House. Hello, Home!
  • Fridge and Freezer Tips 2 of 9
    Fridge and Freezer Tips
    The Container Store has some great tips for organizing the fridge and the freezer, which is often overlooked. Thanks to their site, I was able to reorganize the shelves in my fridge to maximize storage. I also marked my calendar for a once-a-month clean-out to prevent messes and unnecessary waste.
    Learn how to organize your freezer at The Container Store
  • Spice Storage Tips 3 of 9
    Spice Storage Tips
    The Container Store's site also has some great tips for organizing your spices. Now, I keep my paprika and chili powder in the fridge for freshness.
    Learn how to organize your spices at The Container Store
  • Baby Food Jar Spice Storage 4 of 9
    Baby Food Jar Spice Storage
    Have empty baby food jars lying around? Recycle those jars and organize your spices at the same time. All you'll need is some chalkboard paint and a chalk marker.
    Learn how to beautify your spice drawer at Frugal Décor Mom
  • Spice Rack Storage Organizer 5 of 9
    Spice Rack Storage Organizer
    Short on shelf space? This rack is designed to be mounted on the back of a cupboard door to free up much needed space.
    Find this rack at Amazon
  • 26 Organizing Tips From Real Cooks 6 of 9
    26 Organizing Tips From Real Cooks
    During my organizing frenzy, I found a great blog post featuring 26 quick tips for kitchen organization from real cooks. I love the tip that suggests replacing your single-use garlic press with a microplane that has multiple uses. I also love the idea of storing dry ingredients in mason jars — so pretty and functional.
    Learn more about organizing your kitchen at Simple Bites
  • 24 Smart Organizing Tips For Your Kitchen 7 of 9
    24 Smart Organizing Tips For Your Kitchen
    I'm the queen of Lazy Susans — I have them in my pantry, spice cupboard, and fridge! So when I saw a Real Simple article that suggested using Lazy Susans for organizing, I was intrigued. The article also includes a tip for using an over-the-door shoe organizer to store snacks in your pantry and 22 other tips.
    Get more tips at like this at Real Simple
  • 17 Organizing Tip 8 of 9
    17 Organizing Tip
    I love the idea, from Martha Stewart, of using chalkboard paint on the inside of the pantry door. It matches the paint, but can be used for making grocery or to-do lists! I also used the tip that suggested putting hooks on the back of cupboard doors to hang gloves, sponges, and brushes.
    Get more tips at Martha Stewart
  • 8 Smart Organizing Tips 9 of 9
    8 Smart Organizing Tips
    The Tidy Mom blog also offers simple and easy tips for getting more out of your kitchen. My favorite ideas include putting a wire rack in the fridge for more shelf space and using tension rods and curtains to create dividers for storing cutting boards, platters and baking sheets.
    Get more tips like these at Tidy Mom

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