Top 10 Healthiest Cuisines from Around the World

Photo Above:  Lilla Matderiven

Even though America has put forth some great efforts to get our country healthy, it doesn’t seem to be working. The first lady has even started a garden to promote fresh local foods, helped to change our nutrition guidelines (the myplate project) and also promoted kids to be active and play in Nickelodeon’s worldwide day of play. We also have some of the best weight loss programs available, and inspiring television shows like NBC’s Biggest Loser and MTV’s I use to be fat, but we still haven’t been able to beat the bulge. As a country, we have  some of the highest rates of obesity and obesity related diseases in the world. However, other countries like France, who indulge in delicious cheeses and lots of wine don’t seem to have a problem. It just doesn’t seem fair sometimes.

The healthiest countries of the world all have different things they do to stay healthy. Below I have assembled some healthy offerings from the top 10 healthiest cuisines (from The Daily Meal) of the world. Each dish comes from a  blog that specializes in that county’s cuisine, so when you follow the link for the recipe don’t forget to browse their blogs for even more delicious and healthy recipe ideas.

  • Japan – Japanese Steamed Pork Buns 1 of 10
    Japan has some of the lowest obesity rates in the developed world.
    Find this recipe here at La Fuji Mama where you can find even more healthy Japanese recipes.
  • France – Roasted Root Vegetables with Coriander and Lemon Thyme Recipe 2 of 10
    The book, French Women Don't Get Fat was right. The French eat lots of fruits and vegetables, like these roasted beauties.
    Find this recipe here at La Tartine Gourmande where you can find even more healthy French recipes.
  • Italy – Eggplant Lasagna 3 of 10
    Lots of olive oil and eating small portions helps the Italians to stay healthy, and diabetes free.
    Find this recipe here at Bell'alimento where you can find even more healthy Italian recipes.
  • Sweden – Spicy Senapstempeh 4 of 10
    Swedish, as well as all Scandinavian food, is very healthy because they use healthy cooking techniques and lots of seafood and vegetables.
    Find this recipe here at Lilla Matderiven where you can find even more healthy Swedish recipes.
  • Greece – Kotosoupa 5 of 10
    Greece also has lots of healthy ingredients in their cooking, and they serve smaller portions.
    Find this recipe here at Souvlaki For the Soul where you can find even more healthy Greek recipes.
  • China – Lemongrass Shrimp Recipe 6 of 10
    Our Americanized fatty Chinese-inspired dishes are nothing like real Chinese food. Real Chinese is healthy, light and fresh.
    Find this recipe here at Rasa Malaysia where you can find even more real healthy Chinese recipes.
  • Caribbean – Croquetas de Jamón 7 of 10
    Caribbean cuisine uses lots of fresh seafood and local fruits and vegetables, making it a very healthy diet.
    Find this Cuban recipe here at Hungry Sophia where you can find even more healthy Caribbean recipes.
  • Switzerland – Haloumi with vegetable medley 8 of 10
    The Swiss have very low obesity and heat disease rates. I couldn't find a great Swiss blog, so I thought I would share this beautiful recipe from a Scandinavian blog that incorporates fresh seasonal ingredients.
    Find this recipe here at Scandi Foodie where you can find even more healthy Scandinavian recipes.
  • Spain – Empanadillas de atún 9 of 10
    Spanish recipes, from Spain, are filled with healthy fruits and vegetables and fresh fish, making it very healthy.
    Find this recipe here at Spanish Recipes where you can find even more healthy Spanish recipes.
  • Israel – Tajine of Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Prunes 10 of 10
    Israel also has a healthy Mediterranean cuisine filled with fresh ingredients and the Jewish "seven species."
    Find this recipe here at Israaeli Kitchen where you can find even more healthy Israeli recipes.

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