Food Blogger Bites: What’s your biggest food challenge for the year?

It’s hard not to feel like you get a clean slate to start fresh in January. Everything that we think needs a makeover comes to the forefront — and eating habits are one of the most common things we aim to change in the new year (and as parents, it’s a goal that’s not just about us). Even our top 100 food bloggers have areas of their kitchen expertises that they’d like to improve, whether it’s vowing to order take-out less, or trying out a totally new technique (homemade cheese, anyone?).

If you’re starting out 2013 feeling uninspired in the kitchen, or just feel like you could use a new culinary challenge, read what some of Babble’s Top 100 Food Bloggers  had to say about their new yums — er, New Year’s — resolutions.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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