Totino's Pizza Stuffers are a Mom Lifesaver

Totino's pizza stuffers

I know I’m not alone when I say I am constantly searching for quick, portable snacks that satisfy. The good people at Totino’s took this into consideration, that all moms are searching for just the right portable snack food, when developing their new Totino’s Pizza Stuffers. They did their homework, talking to Moms all around the country, finding out how they handle snack time on the go. I loved reading the results of their recent survey because the results were very true to how I feel.

The Totino’s survey found that while 90 percent of women with school-aged children think it’s important to give their kids a snack in between lunch and dinner, more than half of moms (61%) say they are too busy preparing dinner or finishing work to give their kids an afterschool snack. And, three-quarters (75%) of moms say their least favorite parts of snack time are finding a snack or cleaning up.

A lot of people turn to drive-thrus as a place to find a quick snack fix, but almost three-fourths (74%) of moms in the survey reported having gotten the wrong food in a drive-thru line, 72 percent have had slow service, and 65 percent have had to wait in a long line. The easy answer here is a Totino’s Pizza Stuffer. Skip the drive-thru and go straight home to whip up a quick Pizza Stuffer. Or, cook them at home and pack them warm in the car for pick-up and don’t worry about any mess! Totino’s was smart to make them portable because their survey also revealed that Moms feel the most important qualities about snacks to a mom are that the food is easy to make (31%), tastes good (26%) and is portable (17%).

Now that we’ve had pizza stuffers in the house for a few weeks I can testify that they truly are convenient and delicious. I’ve popped in the car with them for my daughter, and heated them up for a quick snack at home. They have arrived just in time for the school year, so pick some up soon!

*This is a sponsored post by Totino’s but the views expressed are entirely my own.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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