Touchdown! 10 Delicious Bite-Sized Eats for Your Tailgate

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Let’s admit it, tailgating is all about the food. Sure there’s the anticipation of the upcoming game, but the game has not started so everyone is chowing down. If you are anything like me, you end up stuffing yourself on one or two things and not leaving any room for the grand finale like that big juicy burger or Philly cheesesteak. Problem solved, just transform all your favorite dishes into appetizers with these inventive recipes.

  • 10 Delicious Bite-Size Appetizers for Your Tailgate 1 of 11

    Image Credits: Macki Cayloma West

  • Quesadilla Nacho Party Bites 2 of 11

    They're mini quesadillas! They're nachos! They're quesadilla-nacho party bites! All your mexican food dreams come true in one tiny bite.

    Make quesadilla nacho party bites

  • Philly Cheesesteak Wonton Bites 3 of 11

    Take the classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich and turn it into an awesome appetizer. They are easy to transport, eat, and serve! Not to mention, they give you just a taste so you can sample all of the other appetizers offered.

    Make Philly cheesesteak wonton bites

  • Turkey Burger Bites on a Stick 4 of 11

    You know when you go to a party and there's tons of food, and you want to eat all the incredible appetizers? But when it comes time to eat that amazing-looking burger, you've got zero room? Problem solved with tiny burger bites. Now you can eat all the party food and have a burger too!

    Make turkey burger bites on a stick

  • Baked Corn Dogs, Muffin-Style 5 of 11

    Where do I even begin? I remember the first time I made these! The idea stemmed from my kids' desire  to eat a fried cornbread-covered hot dog, a.k.a. a corn dog. Yes, corn dogs are amazing ... and amazingly bad for you. These little muffins, on the other hand, are baked and made with healthier dogs, so I can feel less guilty about serving them at parties.

    Make baked corn dogs, muffin-style

  • Pasta Salad Skewer 6 of 11

    I'm obsessed with these appetizers, so they're my go-to for all my parties. Kids and adults love pasta salad, and they offer a great way to sneak in veggies (I use spinach and cheese tortellini, ha!). It's the one appetizer I make a million of, and I never ever seem to have any left over.

    Make pasta salad skewers

  • Spaghetti Squash Nests 7 of 11

    Don't be scared by the thought of serving a bunch of football lovers spaghetti squash. Here's the trick: Just don't tell anyone, and watch as they vanish. Then when everyone comes begging for the recipe, you can let them in on the secret!

    Make spaghetti squash nests

  • Egg Salad Celery Bites 8 of 11

    It's a handheld crunchy bite of egg salad deliciousness. It's also the perfect alternative to deviled eggs. No more carefully removing the yolk and ending up with half of your egg whites torn to bits. Now you can just chop everything up and still satisfy.

    Make egg salad celery bites

  • Sweet Potato Bites Three Ways 9 of 11

    People are very particular about their sweet potatoes. Some like them salty but sweet, others enjoy the variety that's caramelized with brown sugar, and then there are the white clouds of marshmallow lovers. These sweet potato bites make everyone happy!

    Make sweet potato Bites three ways

  • Savory Chicken Satay 10 of 11

    This recipe is like candy meat on a stick. For tailgating parties, I suggest using one or two pieces of chicken per skewer. This way, you will have more skewers to feed more people, and you will have more room for all the other goodies you're serving.

    Make savory chicken satay

  • Toasted Ravioli 11 of 11

    When most people think of ravioli, they usually picture it served in a big bowl at dinnertime. This recipe, however, transforms raviolis into single-serving appetizers — and trust me, the crowd will go wild for them. They are simple to make! Just use store-bought ravioli, and coat them with breadcrumbs, toast them in a skillet, and serve the plate with marinara for dipping. Be sure to prepare a lot! These will be a huge hit and will go fast ... not to mention all the samples you will need to try while cooking!

    Make toasted ravioli

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