Trenta: What's Behind the New Starbucks Size

starbucks trentaStarbucks has unveiled the Trenta as its newest size coffee cup which will soon be available to customers around the world. It’s biggest coffee cup size yet, the Trenta holds 916ml, about 16ml more than the capacity for the average human stomach. You can see from this illustration on the Huffington Post, filling the average human stomach is no small order! In the decade when fast food chains have taken their Super Size options off the menu, why is Starbucks increasing theirs? Essentially, there is no answer. People are addicted to coffee and want to more out of their Starbucks drink. This new size comes on the heals of the recent Starbucks company logo makeover. The ring around the two-tailed Mermaid has been removed, the new Trena cup will be the first to feature the new logo.

With all this coffee floating around it seems that we could spare a little for baking. For a few ideas of baking with coffee check out this amazing chocolate bundt cake recipe which calls for fresh coffee, or make a homemade pumpkin latte!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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