True Confessions of a Peeps-aholic

Image source: Janice Clement
Image source: Janice Clement

Thump, thump, thump … must be the Easter Bunny. Run, run, run! Open closet doors.

I peek behind the couch and under the beds to find my basket. Hmmm. How clever was that bunny this year? Traces of eggshells on the floor. Close my eyes and I can smell the hollowed out chocolate bunnies and the sweet, sweet yellow chick Peeps.

The Easter tradition continued over the years, and hidden in the green and pink cellophane grass — among the jelly beans, foil-wrapped chocolate, and speckled Robin eggs — those yellow marshmallow treats appeared as staples in my house for a lasting holiday memory.

Fast forward several decades and Peeps still hold a special place in my heart. Some might call it an obsession. Here are my confessions:

1. This proud “peep” was named “Peeps Fan of the Week” on their official Facebook page! As part of the prestigious honor, this was their profile photo for a whole week.

2. I have spent more loot than I’d like to admit (to my hub) on Peeps merch — well over $500.

3. For my first purchase, I treated myself to a pair of blue and yellow Peeps socks. And naturally, once they arrived, I needed to order 20 more pairs for everyone in my (home and work) family.

4. I used my Peeps products in a work presentation to symbolize relationship building (even donning a t-shirt with the phrase, “Have your Peeps call my Peeps.”)

Image source: Janice Clement
Image source: Janice Clement

5. And when I hear someone is expecting, I buy their baby’s first Peeps merchandise, including a “Chillin’ with my Peeps” onesie and chick stuffed animal.

6. I find these marshmallowy treats inspiring. Case in point:

Image source: Janice Clement
Image source: Janice Clement

7. Friends and family took note of my growing interest, buying anything and everything Peeps — from t-shirts to stuffed animals (many of which I already owned).

8. Even strangers picked up on my obsession. After purchasing gifts from Etsy, I received a handcrafted “Peeps” wood sign that the artist whittled for free. I hadn’t even mentioned it. He must have read my abundant use of the slang word “peeps” as a sign.

Image source: Janice Clement
Image source: Janice Clement

9. My hubby and I got into a fight when I wanted to change my license plates to “Hi Peeps.” He thought I was taking it too far.

10. The most significant confession is that it’s crept into my everyday vocab. “People” has been completely replaced with “peeps.” (My family and colleagues can attest to this.)

Truth be told, now that my taste buds are a bit more sophisticated, I don’t actually enjoy the taste of Peeps. I would go so far as to say that I hate the taste. Peeps don’t need to be edible, they stand for so much more.

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