Try Paleo! 21 Days of Paleo Eats to Kickstart Your Bikini Body

Wanna try the Paleo diet? Rather than nixing everything you’ve ever loved, why not ease into it and see if your body doesn’t adore it by making one Paleo recipe per day with our round-up of beloved Paleo-friendly eats! To get started on the Paleo diet, you likely know that grains are a no-no. But starting with all you’ll have to give up is rarely the key to success. Discover, instead, how satisfying, fulfilling, and delicious the Paleo diet can be with these 21 incredible recipes—from baked goods for breakfast to savory soups for dinner! Dig in, discover your best body, and try Paleo today!

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    Looking for an easy way to lose weight? Try Paleo! The Paleo diet is a low-carb meal plan that calls for lots of veggies, grass-fed meat, and no grains. Sounds hard to give up that cinnamon roll you love so much? You might be surprised how easy it is to eat well on Paleo. Try it for 21-Days with these 21 incredible, easy, flavorful recipes! When everything tastes as good as these recipes, it's not hard at all to eschew the naughty stuff!
  • Paleo Brussells 2 of 22
    If you've never tried roasted brussel sprouts, this recipe is guaranteed to have you dishing out seconds!
    Get the recipe for Perfect Paleo Brussell Sprouts
  • Paleo Cereal 3 of 22
    Paleo granola cereal so good, it tastes like magic!
    Get the recipe CheekyKitchen
  • Paleo Brownies 4 of 22
    I've never met a brownie I didn't like, but these paleo brownies are healthy to boot!
    Get the recipe from Cakes'N'Bakes
  • Paleo Salmon 5 of 22
    Get your omega-3's on with the best salmon recipe ever!
    Get the recipe from CheekyKitchen
  • Paleo Wrap 6 of 22
    This paleo turkey wrap is satisfying, healthy, and fast!
    Get the recipe from fed & fit
  • Primal Power Bars 7 of 22
    These cookie dough primal power bars will get you through any hike!
    Get the recipe from CheekyKitchen
  • Paleo Lasagna 8 of 22
    Healthy comfort food that's loaded with antioxidants!
    Get the recipe from Eat Drink Paleo
  • Paleo Mousse Cake 9 of 22
    If you're looking for a guilt-free, healthy dessert, try this recipe with bananas, almond butter, coconut flour, and cocoa powder- yum!
    Get the recipe from CheekyKitchen
  • Paleo Breakfast Hash 10 of 22
    Start the day out right with this paleo breakfast!
    Get the recipe from lefork
  • Paleo Snack Mix 11 of 22
    This would make a great grab and go snack!
    Get the recipe from Cook Eat Paleo
  • Paleo Pumpkin Soup 12 of 22
    This spicy pumpkin soup would be great on a cold winter's night!
    Get the recipe from A Tasty Love Story
  • Paleo Coconut Macaroons 13 of 22
    These paleo coconut macaroons have only four ingredients- coconut, honey, egg whites, and salt!
    Get the recipe from elana's pantry
  • Paleo Cookies 14 of 22
    Chocolate chip cookies made with almond meal, honey, and coconut oil- unbelievably good!
    Get the recipe from the bitesized baker
  • Paleo Meatball Dinner 15 of 22
    Dig in to this paleo-inspired Hawaiian meatball dinna!
    Get the recipe from CheekyKitchen
  • Paleo Crockpot 16 of 22
    Grab your crock pot for this super simple and versatile recipe!
    Get the recipe from I Breathe…I'mHungry…
  • Paleo Muffins 17 of 22
    These strawberry almond muffins would be a great way to start the day!
    Get the recipe from Amazing Paleo
  • Paleo Power Juice 18 of 22
    This green power juice is full of superfoods!
    Get the recipe from A Tasty Love Story
  • Paleo Shepherds Pie 19 of 22
    A lighter version of shepherd's pie is paleo and delicious!
    Get the recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny
  • Zucchini Spaghetti 20 of 22
    Paleo goes Italian with spaghetti made from zucchini!
    Get the recipe from A Tasty Love Story
  • Paleo Cherry Crisp 21 of 22
    A bubbling paleo cherry cobbler straight from the oven is the perfect after dinner treat!
    Get the recipe from I Breathe…I'mHungry…
  • Paleo Tilapia 22 of 22
    This pistachio basil crusted tilapia is seriously scrumptious!
    Get the recipe from little leaopard book


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