Trying to Lose Weight? 10 Top Food Blogs to Inspire You

Losing weight can be a struggle. This is especially true when it feels like we are always denying ourselves our favorite foods. When you’re dieting, these restrictions can become boring. Who wants to eat grilled chicken and salad every night for dinner? To help you stay on track we’ve put together a list of our favorite food blogs to inspire you. We can’t promise every recipe is low calorie or fat-free, but these blogs will give you creative ideas to keep your dishes fresh, healthy and delicious.

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Best of luck in reaching your goals!

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  • Elana’s Pantry 1 of 10
    Elana's Pantry
    Elana has perfected gluten-free versions of all your baked favorites. Her kitchen also features nutritious appetizers, main courses and lots of veggie recipes Click to Visit Blog
  • Nourished Kitchen 2 of 10
    Nourished Kitchen
    Jenny is a mother on a mission to spread the word about farm fresh foods and sustainable farming. Keeping with her philosophy that wholesome, local, sustainably-grown food is the best for your health, your community, and your environment, she's established a farmer's market in her Colorado community and created a program to provide healthy foods to low-income members. Her delicious recipes and mouth-watering photographs are proof that healthy cooking doesn't mean boring eating Click to Visit Blog
  • Wicked Good Dinner 3 of 10
    Wicked Good Dinner
    Chef Dawn Viola is passionate about whole natural foods and has adapted delicious recipes for people suffering from food allergies. Her recipes are "wicked good" and "wicked healthy" but packed with flavor. If you're in the Orlando area, ask about her popular cooking classes Click to Visit Blog
  • Perry’s Plate 4 of 10
    Perry's Plate
    Somehow Natalie has figured out a way to invent creative, healthy meals that the whole family will eat up. Though you'll see a rather large variety of nutritious recipes on the site like vegetarian sweet potato chili, you'll also find recipes for decadent treats like chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes when you're ready to splurge Click to Visit Blog
  • This Mama Cooks 5 of 10
    This Mama Cooks
    Anne-Marie invites readers to "watch this mama lose it one pound at a time," her boundless energy and passion for food has turned her site into a go-to spot for many on their own weight loss missions Click to Visit Blog
  • Laura’s Best Recipes 6 of 10
    Laura's Best Recipes
    Laura believes in using the best ingredients available. Not everything on her website will be diet-friendly but many of her recipes are easily adaptable. Her website features not just her own recipes but a collection of vegetarian, seafood and restaurant recipes from top chefs Click to Visit Blog
  • Food and Style 7 of 10
    Food and Style
    Chef Viviane Bauquet Farre is a passionate vegetarian with a knack for creating elegant dishes for all occasions. Her mouthwatering salads, appetizers and side dishes are inventive. Her site also includes step-by-step recipe videos that demonstrate expert tips and techniques Click to Visit Blog
  • Kalyn’s Kitchen 8 of 10
    Kalyn's Kitchen
    Kalyn's Kitchen is a blog featuring delicious and healthy low-glycemic recipes with step-by-step photos. Kalyn Denny offers recipe that are in step with the South Beach Diet. You'll be inspired by her personal weight loss journey as well as her quick healthy recipes. Click to Visit Blog
  • Dana Treat – Treat Yourself 9 of 10
    Dana Treat - Treat Yourself
    Her approach to the topic of vegetarian eating isn't snotty or soapbox-ish. Instead, it's warm and realistic (her husband isn't a vegetarian). There are recipes on her site that all can enjoy. The baked pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella, for example, looks good enough to make even the heartiest carnivores forget the lack of meatballs. If you've ever thought healthy eating can't be rich, interesting, or satisfying, Dana Treat will change your mind Click to Visit Blog
  • Green Kitchen Stories 10 of 10
    Green Kitchen Stories
    Like Kermit says, it isn't easy being green, but Luise (with the help of her husband, David) make it look so good. They're committed to cooking vegetarian food for their family with a minimal amount of sugar, gluten and milk products. That may sound bland, but one look at their vibrant recipes for things like lemon potato and edamame salad or chocolate persimmon tart will have you eager to give nontraditional fruits and veggies a chance Click to Visit Blog

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