Two Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas!

Ah, June.

Between Father’s Day, graduations, and countless end-of-school celebrations, I find myself making batch after batch of cupcakes. And why not? They’re conveniently portioned, kid- and adult-friendly, and well … cupcakes!

And while of course there’s nothing wrong with serving them up simply frosted, why not step it up a bit?

I’ve got two — yes, two! — quick and easy decorating ideas that even the most novice baker can master.

Sound good?

Let’s start with these two-tone cupcakes:

two-tone cupcakes

What you’ll need:

1 recipe cooled, unfrosted cupcakes
1 recipe vanilla frosting
2 food colors
1 heavy-duty, gallon-size Ziploc bag
1 quart-size takeout container
1 fluted pastry tip (optional; I used an Ateco #4)
sprinkles or decor (optional)

two-tone cupcakes

two-tone cupcakes


1. Divide the frosting between two small bowls. Use your food colors to tint as desired. Cut an opening in one corner of the Ziploc bag; place the pastry tip (if using) snugly inside. Place the Ziploc bag into the takeout container and fold the edges over the outside. Alternating colors, spoon the frosting into the bag — remove the bag from the container and seal it shut.

2. Working in a spiral motion, pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes — going from outside in toward the center. Raise the tip and release pressure to stop piping. Add sprinkles or decor if desired.

two-tone cupcakes

Cute, right?  You can customize the frosting to match team or school colors, your party theme, etc.  And this technique works just as well without the tip, too!

Here’s another idea — edging cupcakes:

edging frosted cupcakes

Edging cupcakes couldn’t be easier, and you can use any decorations you have in your cupboard — sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts — you name it!

All you need is a batch of simply frosted cupcakes (use a small angled spatula for the best results). Divide your decorations among small bowls. Holding the cupcake at an angle, gently press the edge into the bowl, rotating and pressing in as you go till the edges are completely coated.

edging frosted cupcakes

edging frosted cupcakes

edging frosted cupcakes

Now let’s get those parties started!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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