Two Ingredient Tropical Shake

two ingredient tropical shake
two ingredient tropical shake

This breakfast-approved, whole food, Tropical Shake has only two ingredients! Creamy and frosty, light and zesty with a thickness that can only be described as a shake. This sassy sip is your ticket to an island getaway, and all you need is two ingredients to get you there!..

The two ingredients? Pineapple and banana. These ingredients compliment each other so well. The banana is sweet and creamy with a smooth blend. While the fresh pineapple is zesty and bright with a thicker texture and body.

And one of the fruits I always find to be a bit bland when freezing is pineapple. Fresh pineapple is so juicy, bright and full of the healthy enzyme bromelain – which aides in digestion. While frozen pineapple can be a bit dry and lose that natural zippiness. So that is why I had to make my pineapple fresh for this shake!

Perfect for breakfast – this zesty sweet bite will start your day off right!

Now if you want to get all fancy on my and use say three or even four ingredients, you could toss in some coconut shreds, a splash of coconut milk or even a squeeze of fresh orange juice. But really, the fun part about this shake is how darn simple it is! Give it a try..

Two Ingredient Tropical Shake

1 part frozen banana slices (ex, 1 cup)
1 1/2 parts fresh chopped pineapple (ex, 1 1/2 cups)

To Make:

1. Freeze the banana slices ahead of time. I like to “grease” the container I am freezing them in with a slather of veggie oil just so the bananas pop out a bit easier.
2. Chop up or grab some fresh pineapple slices from the fridge. Remove all the stringy brown knots. These will wreck havoc on your tropical vacation shake.
3. Add one part banana and about one and a half parts pineapple to your blender. Note: You will need a powerful blender to pull this two ingredient shake off. Otherwise, you may need to add a tad liquid like orange juice, soy milk, coconut water or coconut milk to get the blender moving. I used my Vitamix (see why I love my Vitamix) and it worked out just fine. 60 seconds and my frosty bliss was done!

frosty island bliss
frosty island bliss

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