The Odd Couple

  • The Odd Couple 1 of 14
    13 unusual yet delicious food pairings
  • Pepperoni Pizza Deviled Eggs 2 of 14
    Eggs may have topped breakfast pizzas before, but what do you get when pizza tops eggs? This devilishly good appetizer, which is bound to stand out among fellow hors d’oeuvres at the table.
    Make pepperoni pizza deviled eggs »
  • Beer Pancakes 3 of 14
    Beer for breakfast? Lager beer adds a surprising fluffiness and nutty hops taste to these pancakes. And all the alcohol gets cooked out, so serve your kids up a short stack!
    Make beer pancakes »
  • Pumpkin Spice Cashew “Cheese” Dip 4 of 14
    When you combine pumpkins and cashews you get cheese? Okay, maybe not real cheese, but this dairy-free dip tastes seriously close to it!
    Make pumpkin spice cashew cheese dip »
  • Chocolate-Covered Pringles 5 of 14
    Alright, we admit that dipping Pringles in chocolate isn’t exactly the healthiest of options, but as an occasional snack, this salty-sweet combo is a must-try!
    Make chocolate-covered pringles »
  • Sweet and Spicy Bacon 6 of 14
    Two of our biggest guilty pleasures — Nutella and bacon — come together for this out-of-the-box recipe that really packs some sweet heat.
    Make sweet and spicy bacon »
  • Pumpkin Chili 7 of 14
    Spoon out this hearty dish to your family on a chilly fall night. If the idea of pumpkin in chili raises eyebrows, don’t worry — the flavor is subtle and creates a perfectly creamy texture.
    Make pumpkin chili »
  • Peach Pulled-Pork Sandwiches 8 of 14
    Believe it or not, pork goes well with lots of fruits. For a dinner that practically makes itself, try simmering pulled pork in the slow cooker with some peaches. Juice from the fruit will give the meat a thick, sweet sauce that’s finger-lickin’ good.
    Make peach pulled-pork sandwiches »
  • Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes 9 of 14
    Avocado isn’t usually the first ingredient we grab when whipping up a batch of baked goods, but it actually adds richness and moisture along with a nutritional boost. This recipe even mixes a little into the frosting!
    Make chocolate avocado cupcakes »
  • Black Bean Brownies 10 of 14
    Black beans belong in soup and tacos, but brownies?! This recipe swaps them in for flour to make a fudgy, gluten-free treat you can snack on without the guilt.
    Make black bean brownies »
  • Rose Coconut Shake 11 of 14
    Roses do more than smell good! Rose water adds wonderful flavor to desserts and drinks, like this coconut milk ice cream smoothie. Blend yourself a glass for a creamy, dreamy sipper that won’t weigh you down.
    Make a rose coconut shake »
  • Chocolate and Bacon Maple Cupcakes 12 of 14
    True bacon lovers might not even question this recipe, but if others need convincing, just pitch these treats as famous, chocolate-frosted cupcakes … with salty sprinkles.
    Make maple bacon cupcakes »
  • Chocolate Beet Cake 13 of 14
    Beets — yes, beets — actually make chocolate cake nice and moist. Sneak a couple into this recipe, and your little ones won’t be able to tell the difference as they’re reaching for another slice.
    Make chocolate beet cake »
  • Strawberry Basil Balsamic Gelato 14 of 14
    Somehow, we’ve found a way to use balsamic vinegar that doesn’t involve lettuce. The tartness of the balsamic pairs wonderfully with sweet strawberries in this gelato. Better give yourself
    two scoops …
    Make strawberry basil balsamic gelato »

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