Valentine’s Day Candy: The Best and Worst Ways to Send Your Love

While Halloween is the biggest candy holiday overall, Valentine’s Day is definitely the biggest one for adults. And just like you don’t want to be the one house who gives out lame candy on October 31, you don’t want to be the spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/random weirdo who gives out lame candy on February 14. I don’t care how strong you think your relationship is, if you give bad candy, your special someone will definitely leave you. That’s a fact.


  • The Best 1 of 21
    The Best
  • Jacques Torres Chocolates 2 of 21
    Jacques Torres Chocolates
    Jacques Torres is a James Beard Foundation Pastry Chef of the Year winner, so you're pretty lucky that you can just go online and order some of his chocolate. It's one of the few reasons that it's good to be alive today instead of some time when people drank more and didn't have to worry about sorting the recycling.
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Image credit: Jacques Torres
  • See’s Candies 3 of 21
    See's Candies
    As far as traditional candies in a heart-shaped box go, See's is the absolute best. They also let you customize your own box, so if your sweetie doesn't like coconut clusters, there's no coconut clusters. They also ship overnight, so there's still time!
    Get See's Candies
Image credit: See's Candies
  • Godiva Chocolates 4 of 21
    Godiva Chocolates
    Yes, Godiva makes great chocolate, but what makes it great for Valentine's Day is the name's association with a naked lady.
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    Image credit: Godiva
  • Mast Brothers Chocolates 5 of 21
    Mast Brothers Chocolates
    Good chocolate is always a good gift and Mast Brothers make some of the best. As a bonus, their wrappers are elegant enough they require no additional wrapping to be presentable.
    Get Mast Brothers chocolate
Image credit: Murray's Cheese
  • Russell Stover Private Lace Heart 6 of 21
    Russell Stover Private Lace Heart
    Sometimes either through forgetfulness, thriftiness, or laziness, you've got to go with the drugstore candy. If this happens to be your case, go with the Russell Stover Private Lace Heart which is a cut above the ordinary drugstore offerings.
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Image credit: Russell Stover
  • Lindor Truffles 7 of 21
    Lindor Truffles
    With a smooth, creamy center and a rich chocolate shell, these are Valentine's candies of distinction.
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Image credit: Lindt USA
  • Atomic Fireballs 8 of 21
    Atomic Fireballs
    I'm sure a lot of you are going to disagree here, but I don't care. These spicy, cinnamon-y jawbreakers aren't romantic, artisanal, or classy, but they're sweet and oh-so-spicy.
    Get Atomic Fireballs
Image credit: Candy Warehouse
  • Giant Red and White Lollypop 9 of 21
    Giant Red and White Lollypop
    Besides being adorable and picturesque, there's a certain sensuality to the lollypop that'd be a shame to overlook on a romantic holiday.
    Get giant red and white lollypops

    Image credit: Candy Warehouse
  • Ferrero Rocher 10 of 21
    Ferrero Rocher
    According to the commercials, these chocolate-covered hazelnut candies are very sophisticated. According to my taste buds, they're also delicious.
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  • The Worst 11 of 21
    The Worst
  • Customized M&M’s 12 of 21
    Customized M&M's
    Even if they're customized, they're still M&Ms. A good rule of thumb is -- if it could be in your kid's Halloween bucket, it's not a good Valentine's candy.
    Get customized M&M's
Image credit:
  • Conversation Hearts 13 of 21
    Conversation Hearts
    First of all, these things are really chalky. Second of all, what's with the one that says "You kid," right?
    Get conversation hearts
Image credit: Candy Warehouse
  • Heart Peeps 14 of 21
    Heart Peeps
    Peeps are an Easter basket food. They've expanded to Halloween and that's fine; all kinds of candy are welcome on Halloween, but Valentine's is a holiday too far. They're just marshmallows.
    Get heart Peeps
Image credit: Candy Warehouse
  • Candy Love Beads 15 of 21
    Candy Love Beads
    They have the word "love" in the name so you'd think they'd be romantic, but love beads are for hippies and you don't want to tell your sweetheart you think they are filthy on Valentine's Day.
    Get Candy Love Beads
Image credit: Candy Warehouse
  • Andes Mint Thins 16 of 21
    Andes Mint Thins
    Andes Mint Thins are meant to be eaten after being pulled half-melted from the bottom of purse whose owner can't remember how they got there. Don't give them on Valentine's Day.
    Get Andes mints
Image credit: Candy Warehouse
  • 25 Pound Gummi Bear 17 of 21
    25 Pound Gummi Bear
    It's weird that the 25 lb. Gummi Bear is on the worst candy list, since it's one of the best possible candies. And we won't disagree that generally speaking a 25 lb. Gummi Bear is one of the greatest things, it's just that you don't want to eat that many pounds of Gummi Bear before you try getting romantic.
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    Image Credit: Candy Warehouse
  • Puppy Love Dog Bone Candy 18 of 21
    Puppy Love Dog Bone Candy
    There is no way this will go over well -- steer clear.
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    Image Credit: Candy Warehouse
  • Red Rose Chocolates 19 of 21
    Red Rose Chocolates
    While not particularly delicious, these have a lot of kitsch value, so I'm not going to be too harsh. If you're planning to give these, you best have a nice gift too.
    Get chocolate roses
    Image Credit: Candy Warehouse
  • Chocolate-Covered Peeps 20 of 21
    Chocolate-Covered Peeps
    The only thing grosser than Peeps are Peeps covered in chocolate. No thank you.
    Get Chocolate-Covered Peeps
    Image Credit: Candy Warehouse
  • Regular Russell Stover Chocolates 21 of 21
    Regular Russell Stover Chocolates
    This box of candy says "I forgot to get you anything, so I stopped at the drugstore so late that they were even out of the better Russell Stover box."
    Get Russell Stover chocolates
Image credit: Candy Warehouse


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