Vegan Chinese Food: 10 Better-Than-Takeout Recipes You Can Make at Home


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A friend and I went vegan in January, and were recently sitting down over a cup of tea, pining away for our favorite foods from our pre-veg days. “What I wouldn’t give for a pizza,” she said. “What I wouldn’t give for orange chicken,” I replied. To which she sighed a heavy breath and repeated the worlds sloooowly, “Orrrrrange chickennnnn. Yummmm.”

If you’re looking for some truly delicious ways to serve up vegan food, while still getting a good dose of your takeout cravings met, here are 10 don’t-miss-’em recipes, from Orange Chick’n to Chow Mein, that are sure to make you glad it’s time for dinner.

  • Golden Garlic Chow Mein 1 of 10
    Put down the phone, grab a skillet, and prep yourself this supremely simple, totally delicious Golden Garlic Chow Mein tonight! You'll feel like you've indulged in true take-out without spending all that dough!
    Get our recipe for Golden Garlic Chown Mein Noodles
  • Creamy Garlic Udon 2 of 10
    Garlic Udon Noodles are a rich, creamy way to enjoy a Chinese-style tonight…the vegan way!
    Get the recipe for Creamy Garlic Udon Noodles
  • Sticky Sweet Tofu Cashew Bowl 3 of 10
    If you like sesame chicken, you'll love this Sticky Sweet Tofu Cashew Broccoli Bowl. The flavor and texture of this recipe are simply unbeatable!
    Get our recipe for Sticky Sweet Tofu Cashew Broccoli Bowl
  • Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n Fried Rice 4 of 10
    Vegan Fried Rice with Orange Chicken is just like the stuff you'll get from that Express Chinese place, but will a heckuva lot more flavor…and nutrition!
    Get the recipe for Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n Fried Rice
  • Peanut Mandarin Rice Bowl 5 of 10
    Toss together a few classic Asian flavors and you'll have yourself a delicious dinner in minutes with this recipe for our Peanut Mandarin Rice Bowl!
    Get the recipe for Peanut Mandarin Rice Bowl
  • Baby Bok Choy 6 of 10
    Chile, Garlic, and Ginger Bok Choy is the ultimate way to enjoy Chinese veggies! Flavored with the rich, delicious goodness of garlic and ginger, a hint of heat from chiles, and tons of delicious greens, this recipe is the perfect way to eat vegan while still enjoying take-out style veggies!
    Get our recipe for Baby Bok Choy with Chile, Garlic & Ginger
  • Miso Tofu 7 of 10
    Miso Tofu cooks up quick with the slightest crunch and tons of flavor. Try it with your favorite vegan fried rice and you may never want to order in again!
    Get the recipe for Miso Tofu
  • Green Curry and Coconut Soba Noodles 8 of 10
    Green Curry and Coconut Soba Noodles make a milk, delicious noodle dish, reminiscent of Thai Curries, but with the added benefit of being vegan-licious!
    Get the recipe for Green Curry and Coconut Soba Noodles
  • Peanut Lime Soba Noodles 9 of 10
    If you like soba noodles, you'll love to serve them this way! Peanut Lime Soba Noodles are the perfect meal to eat with chopsticks. Don't forget to dish them up with a side of sake for the ultimate at-home Asian dinner!
    Get the recipe for Peanut Lime Soba Noodles
  • Peanut Ginger & Kale Rice Bowls 10 of 10
    Peanut Ginger & Kale Rice Bowls are a one-dish wonder! The rich flavor of peanut combines with tons of greens and a side of rice to make for an exciting, simple take-out inspired dish.
    Get the recipe for Peanut Ginger & Kale Rice Bowls

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