Vegan Protein Powder: 10 Questions to Ask!

If you are looking to supplement your diet with vegan protein and maybe a few other superfoods, nutrients and wellness boosters, you are probably going to find yourself swimming in a sea of options. But before you choose a brand and start taste testing flavors and varieties, you want to ask yourself a few questions about exactly what you want from your product! What type of protein, what type of texture, when will you be using this product, and how? Here are 10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Vegan Protein Powder Supplement plus a link to my guide of brand reviews!..

10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Vegan Protein Powder Supplement

1. What is the protein source?
The three popular sources: pea, hemp and rice. You also see a lot of mixed seeds like chia and flax. Other accent proteins are cranberry millet and more.

2. Why am I taking this?
If you just want the protein, then you want to look for a brand that only contains protein. They will cost less and not be filled with additional nutrients and flavors that you may not be looking for. If you want a full scale meal in a glass, you will want to make sure your brand includes vitamins, minerals, and other goodies like probiotics, digestive enzymes, green super foods and more.

3. Flavored of Not?
Many of the brands out there come in flavors like vanilla and chocolate. You can also find unflavored or plain. The plain varieties usually have a nutty, grassy or earthy taste without the sweetness of most flavored brands.

4. Texture?
Textures range from creamy to fluffy to gritty and even thin and dissolvable. Keep testing brands until you find the texture that suits your needs.

5. Do I want Organic?
Some brands are 100% organic and others contain a high variety of organic ingredients. Usually the all inclusive meal type products are harder to find “organic” since so many ingredients are involved.

6. Do I need added or high fiber?
Check the fiber content. Some brands have very little fiber and others, like hemp varieties can have up to ten grams per serving and more.

7. How much protein?
Brands typically have around 15g per serving. Some being as high as 20g and others as low as 8g. Be sure to check the label and choose the amount that your doctor advises you to take. You can also find a few “protein calculators” online, but your doctor will be your best source to answer that question.

8. How much fat?
Do not be afraid of fat. Fat helps satisfy our hunger and also helps us absorb certain vitamins like ADE and K. Some brands have zero grams of fat and others 4-7grams. More fat per serving will likely mean more calories per serving, but again, plant-based sources of fat also carries many benefits as well.

9. Free of What?
You may have certain things you do NOT want in your brand. Some data to check: gluten-free, soy-free, raw, kosher, non-GMO and more.

10. Sweetened with What?
Many of the flavored brands use sweeteners to enhance the flavor. Stevia is a popular calorie-free natural sweetener. But some users say it carries a slight aftertaste. Some brands stick to pure cane sugar and other use sweeteners like erythritol, organic palm sugar, evaporated cane juice, lo han duo, fructose and even super foods like mesquite and coconut which can add slight sweetness.

Last question!.. How will you use it? If you are blending the product in a sweet smoothie you may want to stay away from sweetened brands. If you are planning on adding the product to basic non-dairy milk or even water, you will want a brand that boasts delicious flavors and a creamy fluffy texture, sweetened.

Some popular brands to check out: Vega, SunWarrior, Paradise, Tone it Up, Arbonne, Manitoba Harvest, NutriBiotic, Nutiva, Philosophie, Vibrant Health, Amazing Grass, Shakeology, Garden of Life, Sprout Living, The Ultimate Meal, Plant Fusion and more. Check out this Protein Powder Guide on Healthy Happy Life for full reviews and product info.


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